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PH needs fast Internet for Asean integration, says tech firm

Local companies will need faster Internet if they want to stay relevant to the Asean Economic Community (AEC) once it begins in December, according to a Swiss cabling firm.

DCSI country manager Glenn Go
DCSI country manager Glenn Go

Datwyler Cabling Solutions Inc. (DCSI) country manager Glenn Go said the slow Internet speed in the Philippines could hamper the capabilities of local firms in the new trade environment, where smaller players will be forced to keep up with their more-developed counterparts.

?The AEC will be the playground of big, high-performing corporations,? Go said. ?If we do not have something as basic as fast Internet, then our companies would be irrelevant to the bloc.?

Go said Philippine service providers use the same technology that is used in the region, but they still fail to provide businesses with reliable Internet. He said the problem could lie in the cable infrastructure, which was built decades ago.

?The life expectancy of a cable is really long, but if the cable quality is poor then its performance would degrade in just a few years or even months.?

DCSI has opened shop in the Philippines after establishing itself in Asia, particularly in China and Asean countries that include Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Go said the company seeks to introduce local companies to new cabling systems that are now being adopted in the region.

?Our immediate plan is to educate and teach our partners and customers that there are new technologies available,? Go said.

He added that the company will soon give free certifications for structured cabling design and gigabit-capable passive optical networks, or GPON, to local engineers.


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