Friday, June 21, 2024

Police warns public against ‘sneaky’ gadget thieves

The National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) recently warned the public against a new “modus operandi” in Metro Manila called the “sneaky office intruder”.

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According to the authorities, the sneaky office intruders prey on work places with little or no security, usually during lunch hour or the afternoon break when employees leave their desks.

The usual targets of the perpetrators are gadgets like cellphones and laptops that can be easily inserted in bags or backpacks.

Police has advised the public to keep their laptop out sight when unattended. If possible, owners must use a security device such as steel cable lock security plate or alarm to secure their device.

Authorities also recommended getting a secure a password and to have the laptop registered through the manufacturer’s product registration program and keep a copy of the laptop serial number in the event of a theft.

It also strongly advised to put a label and tag on the laptop and its accessories, and to choose an inconspicuous carrying case. In the event of a theft, immediately report to authorities. — PIA


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