Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Sharp rolls out HD monitor-tablet in local market

Japanese tech firm Sharp has introduced in the country its Multi-Touch Monitor LL-S201A, monitor-cum-tablet that boasts of a 20-inch-class full HD LCD with extreme touch sensitivity.


The unit has a 15.4-mm bezel screen and a 1,920 x 1,080-pixel full-HD resolution that is enhanced by UV2A technology. It has 10-point multi-touch screen, which allows for quick responses for writing and touch gestures.

It can recognize 10 touch points at once, therefore expanding touch interface applications from just writing to gaming, onscreen typing, among other functions.

The monitor is compatible with devices running on Windows 8. Additionally, it also supports Microsoft Office Ink functionality which allows users to write on Word and Excel documents while saving files complete with notations.

What sets the Sharp Multi-Touch Monitor apart from other tablets out there is that it can be changed to different formats to complement the working styles of its users.

It can be used standing to serve as a PC monitor, horizontally for a tablet style, and at a 10-degree angle for stress-free writing and typing.

In terms of usability, the precise recognition and onscreen input provided by the 2-mm-tip touch pen and bundled Sharp Pen software provides natural and smooth handwriting functionality.

Once documents have already been imported, users can easily write, draw, or edit using the touch pen or even their fingers.

For better manageability, users can opt to use the palm cancellation function so that they can write with the pen even with their palm resting on the screen. The monitor is also an effective face-to-face and meeting companion with its rotate function that flips the screen 180 degrees.

Aside from being a user-friendly tool, the monitor also improves interactions and collaborations. It can enhance discussions, make proofreading easier, and allow for a more effective face-to-face negotiations. It can also be used for medical consultations and services or as an interactive tool for teaching purposes.


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