Friday, June 21, 2024

Bacolod-based BPO deploys Sophos for advanced threat protection

PanAsiatic Solutions, a contact center service provider in Bacolod City, has deployed Sophos for comprehensive protection of its company network.


A suite of Sophos Endpoint Protection and Sophos Mobile Control were implemented to protect close to 4,000 employees against advanced malware threats.

As PanAsiatic Solutions continued to expand with more users and devices connected to the network, bandwidth consumption and network security risks increased.

The security solution in place previously became increasingly inadequate to cope with the growth in users, as it had a basic set of antivirus features and required the IT department?s manual intervention and management.

Due to limitations in the security solution, updating of security patches also used up considerable network bandwidth, thus slowing the network down for other mission-critical applications.

Therefore, PanAsiatic Solutions required a comprehensive, yet simple-to-use, enterprise-class security solution that would minimize bandwidth usage and manual intervention, while providing comprehensive, advanced threat protection for its network and endpoint devices.

Sophos and its local partner InfiniteCare Technology Solutions helped PanAsiatics Solutions to transition easily to a suite of Sophos Endpoint Protection and Sophos Mobile Control to secure its Web and mail servers, control Web applications, as well as manage mobile devices and set security policies through the intuitive management console.

?The implemented Sophos solutions enabled us to simplify overall security management across the organization and safeguard our endpoint devices and digital assets against advanced malware threats, all with a lower total cost of ownership,? said Emerson Alcanzare, IT manager at PanAsiatic Solutions.

?We really appreciate the lightweight agent which keeps the security systems up-to-date without slowing down our network. Our overall productivity and security posture have definitely increased as a result.?

Sophos? ease of management eliminates the complexity of security control management, detailed logs, and reporting functions, thus enabling PanAsiatic Solutions to use fewer employees and resources to maintain the solution on a daily basis.

With the Sophos implementation, security updates only took up less than 30KB of data, which allowed PanAsiatic Solutions to dedicate sufficient bandwidth for other mission-critical and productivity applications. Additionally, employing real-time threat intelligence from SophosLabs also prevented known and unknown malware threats.


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