Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Uber hooks up with Practo to bring healthcare services to riders in PH

Healthcare booking platform Practo and ride-sharing app Uber have announced a partnership that will make it easier for consumers to reach doctors in four countries, including the Philippines.


Practo users across the Philippines, Indonesia, India, and Singapore who book an appointment on Practo?s mobile app will be able to see the closest Uber available when they get a reminder alert for their appointments.

Users can then click the reminder notification and complete the booking process. New users who book their first appointment on the Practo app can use the promotion code UBERPRACTOMNL to avail two free rides, up to P300 per ride, with Uber. This offer is valid till December 31, 2015.

In addition to viewing the estimated fare and how long it will take for the Uber to arrive, the driver?s app will be pre-filled with the final destination?s address at the very beginning of the trip.

On requesting an Uber, the user?s final destination will be auto-filled on the driver?s app once the trip starts, making the entire experience seamless.

The next phase of integration will involve notifying the user to request for an Uber, an hour prior to the appointment.

The partnership is in four markets ? India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore — and will soon expand to cover more countries as Practo and Uber continue their global expansion at a rapid pace.

?We work relentlessly towards providing a simplified healthcare experience that reduces consumer stress and anxiety at every level. We realized that transportation issues often bring additional stress to a doctor?s visit ? having to drive through traffic, then hunt for parking ? all while you or your loved one is sitting in the car feeling ill is a terrible experience,? said Shashank ND, founder and CEO of Practo.

?There are also many patients who may not be able to drive themselves to a doctor at all. Our goal with this partnership is to completely remove this anxiety by integrating with Uber?s incredible experience and bringing that to our consumers,? he added.


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