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Games distributor all geared up for NBA2K Online open beta

Returning games distributor X-Play Online Games is all set to up the tempo as NBA2K Online enters its open beta test (OBT) phase this Tuesday, November 24.

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NBA2K Online is an action-sports online game that combines the best of what the NBA2K basketball video game series has to offer with immersive gameplay, rich player customization, and a massive online community.

The game?s intellectual property is owned by 2K, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, and is co-developed by Visual Concepts China and Tencent.

With the warm reception that NBA2K Online received from gamers and enthusiasts during the closed beta test (CBT) period, X-Play Online Games general manager Ronald Aquino is looking at an eventful OBT phase for the game.

Aquino said that there is currently a high demand for NBA2K Online installers from Internet shop owners and gamers alike in addition to the huge number of game client downloads seen each day.

“We’re doing our best to keep up with the demand,” Aquino said. “The big download figures and demand for installers are testament to the Filipinos’ love and eagerness for both basketball and online gaming.”

In addition, Aquino said that a massive campaign is lined up for NBA2K Online, which includes free play events and on-the-spot tournaments in various Internet shops, malls, and festivals. There will also be print, digital, and television advertisements as well.

“We’ll be tapping all the communication channels to make sure that we get the word out and let people know that NBA2K Online is the game-changer that the online gaming industry has been waiting for,” Aquino said.

As for the game, NBA2K Online product manager Bryan Dy said that three game modes will be available during the OBT period. The game modes are My Career, 3v3 Streetball, and 1v1 NBA Matchup.

In My Career, players need to train and guide their character up the NBA ranks. The experience includes being drafted by an NBA team, going up against other teams, and playing for awards and championships.

In 1v1 NBA Matchup, players can use real NBA teams. Also available in this mode are legendary NBA Teams, like the 1996 Chicago Bulls, 1991 Los Angeles Lakers and 1986 Boston Celtics.

In 3v3 Streetball mode, players form groups of three and go up against each other in four-minute matches. The games are set in different urban basketball court settings.

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“We’re already hearing reports from our partner Internet cafe owners that there are players who are now making open challenges to fellow gamers inside the shop,” Dy said. “We’re looking forward to a competitive atmosphere when the tournaments begin.”

With the competitiveness of players in the early stage of game, Dy believes that NBA2K Online is bound to take a considerable share in the local e-sports scene.

“Basketball and online gaming go wonderfully together to create a perfect storm and give birth to a spirited competition,” Dy said. “This is why we’re brandishing NBA2K Online as the Online Liga ng Bayan.”

Dy further said that more competitive in-game and on-ground tournaments are on the horizon for NBA2K Online during the OBT phase.

While the Item Mall was already open during the CBT phase, players will now be able to top-up their accounts during the OBT period. Players can buy top-up cards from partner prepaid card and gaming load retailers and distributors.

Just like in the CBT, the Item Mall is stacked with in-game items that players can use to upgrade and gear up their characters.

There are also action packs that enable characters to shoot, layup, and dunk like real NBA players. There are also official NBA team jerseys and items available.


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