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Free e-learning platform is transforming schooling in PH

As the Philippines undertakes a massive reform in its education system with the introduction of the K-to-12 program, local schools have also started to introduce advanced solutions with the power of information and communications technology (ICT) to benefit Filipino students.


E-learning service provider Quipper is at the forefront in helping the Department of Education (DepEd), schools, teachers, and students transition to K-12 by redefining the teaching and learning experience with ICT-based services that have significantly increased the level of learning.

Two years since starting its operations in the country, Quipper has been steadily making its presence felt in Philippine education:

? There are already 1 million Filipino students registered on the platform.

? Among them, almost 70% come from the National Capital Region, where close to 75% are in high school.

Quipper Philippines general manager Yuki Naotori said that as of September 2015, there are about 1,400 schools in 165 divisions of the DepEd across the archipelago currently using Quipper.

?From these, Quipper has forged partnerships with 310 schools in 31 divisions. Almost 200,000 students are enjoying learning through our platform monthly.?

?As a catalyst in e-learning, we are addressing changes and challenges in local education through technology, especially now that K-12 is fully implemented,? Naotori added.

As the company?s flagship service, Quipper School operates as a free e-learning platform for teachers in educating roughly 2 million pupils in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Mexico.
Through it, educators can manage multiple classes through a customized dashboard, send and schedule their assignments, as well as assess their students? individual performances.

Proudly created by Filipino developers, Quipper School also houses ready-made content sanctioned by DepEd School Division subject matter experts and aligned with the local curriculum and language, which double as assignments and exams.

In relation, students can study lessons and answer accompanying questions until they master a topic. Upon answering each question, they are provided real-time feedback as well as a short explanation of the item.

The platform also has a messaging system, allowing teachers and students to communicate even outside of class hours.

The company will also soon introduce online video lessons and assessments through Quipper Video that facilitates learning virtually anytime and anywhere.

With content for grades 10 and 11, the service aims to get students ready for senior high school, which is set for implementation next school year. Another service to debut next year is Quipper Live, which makes interactive classes available for teachers and students in real-time.

Quipper?s measure of success is evidenced by a pilot and NCR study, which suggests that students with constant or intermittent exposure to Quipper School classes are ?more likely to foster higher mean score numbers and higher passing rates in tests, as well as better attendance percentages.?

Among the growing number of learning institutions that have embraced Quipper?s learning solutions is Aguho Elementary School in Pateros, which saw its National Assessment Test ratings scale up to 18%.

Also, the 2014 trial use to the 2015 actual use of Quipper School registered a 37% rise in the number of teachers who logged-in, 120% more teachers who created assignments, and 316% additional students who actively engaged with the service.

Quipper made its mark during the First National Principals? Conference, which served as impetus for its partnership programs with schools and divisions, and also mounted a Partners? Conference as avenues for teachers, principals, and DepEd officials to learn how to best maximize Quipper School.

The company has also released National Assessment Test content as well the Quipper Assessments, which aim to help schools determine their students? current level of mastery.


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