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IBM taps PH semicon firm for landmark deal on iOS, IoT services

Tech titan IBM announced on Friday, Dec.18, a groundbreaking pact with local semiconductor firm Ionics EMS on two strategic agreements involving the pioneering deployment of iOS ?Expert Factory App? and as a vendor-partner for cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) services.

IBM Philippines country general manager Luis Pineda
IBM Philippines country general manager Luis Pineda

In a statement, IBM said Ionics EMS will become the foundation client for the deployment of the IBM MobileFirst for iOS Expert Factory App as part of Ionics EMS operational efficiency optimization program.

Expert Factory App is an IBM MobileFirst for iOS solution under the IBM+Apple Partnership enabling enterprise mobility based solutions. The Expert Factory App will support Ionics EMS? production engineers and supervisors in solving issues with the production lines quickly, optimizing the efficiency, quality, and throughput of production.

By pioneering the use of Expert Factory, Ionics EMS with experts from IBM Global Business Services will apply the industry knowledge to identify business concerns that can be addressed through enterprise mobile technology and solutions.

The collaborative work on the solution will also enable Ionic EMS employees to complete important tasks from their mobile device, transforming how they conduct their day-to-day activities.

At the same time, IBM said the deal will allow Ionics EMS to sell IBM Cloud Bluemix services and IBM’s IoT Foundation platform as part of Ionics EMS IoT Cloud Services. The Laguna-based elecltronics firm will work with IBM to develop cloud-enabled and cloud native applications for its customers.

Bluemix provides a dashboard to create and manage applications and services that have the ability to get real-time insights from large quantities of fast-moving data ? making it an ideal platform to develop and host IoT solutions, said IBM.

Ionics IoT Cloud Services, built on Bluemix and IBM’s IoT Foundation platform, will enable manufacturers of consumer and industrial electronics to maximize the value of IoT devices through asset performance management, operational risk management and predictive maintenance among others.

Experts from IBM Global Business Services and Ionics EMS product design team will build cloud-enabled and cloud native applications for its customers.

?Ionics EMS and IBM are coming together from two independent positions of strength to help the manufacturing industry capture opportunities in the era of Big Data analytics, IoT, cloud, and mobile. We can now have the technology that manifests itself on the cloud with access to mobile access and big data analytics, marking a quantum jump from hypothetical information to real time data analytics,? said Lawrence Qua, chairman and CEO of Ionics EMS.

?With the addition of the collaboration with Apple, we will be able to empower the Ionics EMS manufacturing team with mobile capabilities to quickly gather insights to optimize operations. We are setting a higher bar for global manufacturing service through game changing Smart Factory upgrades.?

Luis Pineda, president and country general manager of IBM Philippines, said the dramatic increase of connected devices provides organizations the ability to gather near real-time data and extract new insights.

?This is driving a major shift in the electronics industry allowing manufacturers to focus on delivering a more compelling experience to the consumer. Our relationship with Ionics EMS is a significant step in this direction as we help bring innovation to the manufacturing industry,? he said.


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