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Yahoo: Pope Francis, Mamasapano top search trends in PH for 2015

Internet firm Yahoo has announced its 2015 Year in Review (YIR), an annual recap of the top search trends, happenings and events, which caught the imagination of Internet users.

pope francis in PH

The first papal visit by Pope Francis to the Philippines was hugely followed online. Also topping search trends was the Mamasapano clash, where 44 members of the Special Action Force perished in a police operation code-named Oplan Exodus.

Filipino users also searched for news and updates on the 2016 elections — the frenzy building with a record number of certificates of candidacy filed for various positions for public office.

In Singapore, 2015 was a year filled with poignant moments, as well as political significance. Singapore?s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew?s passing, the haze caused by forest fires in Indonesia, the 28th South-East Asian Games and the formation of the new Cabinet under Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong — all featured among the top searches of the year.

Among the biggest entertainment stories of the year, Singaporeans were riveted by the Bill Cosby sex scandal, which was the No. 1 entertainment story that shocked Singaporeans.

Troubled TV star Charlie Sheen?s revelation of being HIV positive came in second and ? like the rest of the world ? Singaporeans too followed closely the news surrounding Caitlyn Jenner?s gender transition.

Apple products dominated the Most-Searched Gadgets category once again with the newly launched Apple Watch and iPad pro dominating the top 10.

As Star Wars fever swept the globe, Sphero?s BB-8 Droid fed the frenzy online, giving fans in Singapore the opportunity to own their very own BB-8.

In nearby Malaysia, news about Prime Minister Najib Razak topped search trends, as he came under fire for alleged corruption.

The haze, which forced school shutdowns, flight cancellations and posed a serious safety and health hazard, was also among the ?most searched? by Malaysian users.


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