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Pipe-wielding Uber driver fined P200,000; license also suspended

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has issued an order penalizing an Uber driver for threatening the life of a passenger with a metal pipe.


The order was issued due to the complaint by Christine Fulgencio in social media against an Uber driver identified as Nicolo Lizaso. Fulgencio said the driver threw a fit of anger, cussed, and threatened to hit her with a metal pipe while inside their private village in Pasig City.

According to the complainant, the driver then drove away, almost hitting the village security guards in the main entrance gate of Valle Verde 6, leaving his drivers? license in the process.

Uber has since suspended Lizaso?s account to prevent him from accepting passengers online.

Lizaso, in his explanation, said his arrogance and threats were triggered by Fulgencio?s own arrogance, condescension and discrimination, and prejudice. He said that he was only defending his honor and dignity.

The LTFRB, however, asserted that using a metal pipe to threaten the life of the passenger is unnecessary and unreasonable.

The agency also found that Lizaso had no Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) or a Provisional Authority (PA) to provide transport services as a common carrier.

Under the Joint Administrative Order no. 2014-01 (Revised Schedules of Fines and Penalties and Violations of Laws and Regulations Governing Land Transportation) a private motor vehicle operating as public utility vehicle (PUV) but without a proper authority from the agency is considered colorum.

The LTFRB has ordered Lizaso to pay a penalty of P200,000 for operating a colorum PUV as stipulated in the JAO 2014-01. The agency also recommended the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to suspend his driver?s license and revoke his registration for the unit with conduction sticker YP7587.

Lizaso?s application for a CPC to operate a transport network vehicle service (TNVS) and PA filed on November 4, 2015, has also been dismissed and denied.

The agency also issued warning to Uber that the occurrence of similar incident involving any of its accredited vehicles may warrant for the cancellation and suspension of its accreditation.

The LTO and LTFRB and other traffic law enforcement authorities have also been directed to apprehend and impound Lizaso?s private vehicle is found operating again in the metropolis.


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