Thursday, February 22, 2024

Online supermarket picks Oracle ERP cloud to streamline biz processes

RedMart, one of Singapore?s largest online supermarkets, has chosen Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud to fuel the company?s aggressive growth.


RedMart is among the most celebrated start-up success stories in Singapore. The e-commerce platform allows customers to buy groceries and household products, including fresh and frozen food, personal care, health and wellness, baby, and beverage, and pet products online. Since its launch in 2011, RedMart has grown 10-20% month-over-month and more than doubled each year.

?We are glad to have achieved the success we have today, but we are still growing and constantly exploring how to further improve our internal operations. Being a startup, business priorities tend to change quickly to respond to the competitive needs of the market. Our systems need to be flexible to match up with our priorities. Technology is at the heart of our business, and we need to constantly strengthen it in order to grow, and we?re glad that Oracle is along that journey with us,? said Jim Boland, head of finance at RedMart.

Previously, its legacy ERP system could not scale to the high transaction volume in line with its growth, did not have the capability to produce useful reports, and was not flexible enough for the company?s fast changing business priorities.

?RedMart was looking for a solution that not only produced reports that provide insights for decision-making, but a platform that employees could more efficiently manage internal operations across all aspects of the organization. Oracle ERP Cloud meets their needs for financials, supplier management and procurement all in one platform, easily accessible across all levels and departments. This empowers employee engagement across the business and aids the management team with decision-making,? said Adrian Johnston, vice president for Oracle Cloud Applications Asia Pacific.

With Oracle ERP Cloud, RedMart is equipped with the availability of business insights within the transactional areas that allows different levels of management to effectively make timely decisions pivotal to the company?s business priorities and growth, and reducing overhead costs.

Oracle ERP Cloud allows Redmart to collaborate with suppliers over a common platform. This will give Redmart the ability to further reduce costs in the long term through better negotiation and compliance processes. The modern Oracle ERP Cloud enables social collaboration across RedMart?s operational and management teams, increasing productivity and employee engagement.

?Large, mid-sized, and start-up companies are turning to Oracle for cloud-based solutions to better manage their resources to improve the efficiency of their operations,? said Neeraj Shaabi, regional managing director for ASEAN and Sage at Oracle.

?We are happy that Redmart has chosen Oracle ERP Cloud. It clearly outlines Redmart?s vision to modernize their finance and procurement processes to propel the company to the next level of growth.?


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