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PNoy visits PH plant of Europe-based ?smart toothbrush? maker

Four months after his European trip where he found a smart electronic toothbrush, Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III has found time to visit a manufacturing facility that assembles the Bluetooth toothbrush right in the country’s manufacturing belt in Laguna province.

A Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush. Credit: Oral-B
A Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush. Credit: Oral-B

?Last year, during my visit to Europe, I ? along with a number of my Cabinet members ? were pleasantly surprised after encountering a smart electronic toothbrush, and subsequently finding out that they are actually assembled here in Laguna,? Aquino said after he was toured to the facility of Kaertech Electronics Philippines Inc. in Binan on Thursday, March 31.

?Towards the end of the tour, I was wondering, ‘Why is this guy bringing out a toothbrush?’ I don?t know if it was a hint that some of us forgot to toothbrush that morning, only to find out pleasantly that, indeed, there is such a thing as a Bluetooth toothbrush these days, that helps you monitor the efficiency of your brushing. But more importantly, it is made in the Philippines,? he added.

Ever since he returned from his Europe trip in December last year, Aquino said he has been thinking of visiting the Kaertech Electronics facility to meet the individuals working there.

?And I am glad that, today, my staff finally has found some time in my schedule for a visit,? the president said.

Aquino said he always believed in the skill and ingenuity of the Filipino, ?and I am filled with optimism, seeing how companies like Kaertech Electronics seem to share this confidence in our people.?

The chief executive also took the opportunity to thank the Kaertech executives for their plan to explore a number of options as regards to their operations in the Philippines, including setting up a new factory and creating a development team in areas of electronic, mechanical and software development.

?Today, I take the opportunity to tell you that you cannot go wrong with the Filipino people. They are hardworking, creative, and loyal, and, with the support of a government that is more equipped than ever to empower your industry, the foundations for continued success are firmly in place,? Aquino said.

Over the course of his administration, Aquino said the Philippine manufacturing has made a definitive comeback.

From 2010 to 2015, the industry posted an average annual growth of 7.6 percent; compare this to the 3 percent average growth from 2001 to 2009.

?Seems like all the effort, blood, and tears, have really been paying off. Your company is proof positive that this growth isn?t driven by simple manufacturing ? that we are already making our way up the value chain,? the President said.

?In recent years we have seen companies setting up shop in the Philippines to produce high-tech equipment. Apart from smart toothbrushes, we have been chosen as the manufacturing site for a lot of aircraft components, medical equipment like hemodialysis treatment devices, and ? hopefully our contribution to the global fight against global climate change ? electric tricycles, amongst others,? he added.

Though he has only 91 days left to governed the country, Aquino said: ?I have faith because we have companies like you here, who invest in our country and our people, and who give Filipinos the opportunity and the freedom to unleash their skill and creativity.?

?While our nation?s partnership with Kaertech might be relatively new, I am certain that our people and our country will give you even more reasons to stay here and expand your operations in the years to come, and we definitely look forward to working even more with you,? the president said. — PNA


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