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PH has most engaged elections on Facebook in Asia Pacific

A total of 22 million people engaged in conversations related to the Philippines elections on Facebook, generating 268 million interactions. This makes the Philippines the most engaged elections in Asia Pacific on Facebook to date.


Thirty seven percent of Filipinos on Facebook engaged in election-related conversations. A total of 19 million Filipinos (out of 51 million Filipinos on Facebook) engaged in election-related conversations, generating 224 million interactions.

Here are the key highlights:

  • Video triumphed as one of the most engaging forms of content: Some of the best-performing content was video and the launch of Facebook Live gave candidates an even easier way to reach people at scale. 168 videos by presidential candidates, 432 by VPs.
  • Women cared the most about the elections: Women aged 18-24 were the most engaged demographics in the Philippines elections, followed closely by women aged 25-34.
  • Davao del Sur was the most engaged province: People in Davao del Sur spoke most about the elections on Facebook, followed by Davao del Norte.
  • People cared most about transparency: Transparency was the most talked about election-related conversation throughout.

Here is a snapshot of the conversations happening on the Philippines Elections on Facebook from November 20, 2015 to May 7, 2016. These percentages are based on the number of people engaging in conversation related to presidential candidates, vice presidential candidates, as well as key issues. Please note that data below is not indicative of intention to vote and does not measure sentiment.

Total Conversation, Global (November 20 to May 7):
People: 22 million
Interactions: 268 million

Total Conversation, Philippines only (November 20 to May 7):
People: 19 million
Interactions: 224 million

Most Engaged Provinces Discussing election (as a percent of province
monthly actives, November 20 to May 7):
Davao del Sur
Davao del Norte
Compostela Valley
Davao Oriental
Ilocos Norte

Top Broad Issues, Philippines only (November 20 to May 7):
Transparency: 71%
Economy: 35%
Education: 28%
Social Welfare: 27%
Defense and Foreign Policy: 19%
Health: 17%
Infrastructure: 8%
Environment: 4%
Trafficking: 2%

Top Presidential Candidates, Philippines only (November 20 to May 7):
Rodrigo Duterte: 71%
Mar Roxas: 52%
Grace Poe: 46%
Jejomar Binay: 29%
Miriam Defensor Santiago: 24%

Top VP candidates, Philippines only (November 20 to May 7):
Alan Cayetano: 42%
Leni Robredo: 39%
Ferdinand Marcos: 27%
Francis Escudero: 27%
Gregorio Honasan: 3%

Top VP candidates, Philippines only (January 8 to May 7):
Alan Cayetano: 42%
Leni Robredo: 39%
Ferdinand Marcos: 37%
Antonio Trillanes: 27%
Francis Escudero: 27%
Gregorio Honasan: 3%

Top Presidential Content by Interactions
November 20, 2015 – May 8, 2016

Mar Roxas? picture of him on the year anniversary of meeting Pope Francis in January 2015:

Rody Duterte?s video clip from a debate where Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago said: ?Nobody has done very much against graft and corruption except Mayor Rody Duterte.? which has over 7 million views:

Grace Poe posts a lot of behind the scenes pictures of her on the road and her most recent album show casing some of these pictures is her most popular post:

Jojo Binay created an application where people could share their support of him on their Facebook profile pictures:

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago posted a video to her supporters and volunteers two weeks ago that has over three million views:

Top Vice-Presidential Content by Interactions
November 20, 2015 – May 8, 2016

Bongbong Marcos has been sharing behind the scenes photos from his campaigning across the country:

Leni Robredo rides the bus home to Naga and shared a video about why she does this and how it?s reflective of her leadership:

Alan Peter Cayetano posted a photo praying with Duterte before his final debate:

Francis Chiz Escudero?s picture of him and Grace Poe is his most popular post:

Gregorio Honasan?s most popular post is one that lists out his accomplishments over the last 20 years:


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