DOST?s weather channel starts official broadcast

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Share on email The site is mirrored at and image The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) said the channel will feature the latest weather updates and forecast, as well as science and technology stories in the country. Its initial feature titled ?Unos? (storm) follows the lives of people living in a permanently flooded area. Will the people continue to paddle their way to their dreams or can science and technology provide ways to make them reach their dreams faster? Produced by the DOST through the Science and Technology Information Institute, DOSTv aims to enrich DOST?s weather information and broaden its range. Through DOSTv?s online presence, the public is assured of a reliable and accurate source of real-time weather information. Such information is highly important in daily activities of households, schools, communities, and big industries such as tourism, aviation, and shipping, among others. DOSTv will also feature news, stories, and live interviews on interesting programs, projects, innovations, personalities, and advances in the local science and technology community. ]]>

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