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Ilocos Sur student receives scholarship grant from car portal

For Kristine Ian De Guzman, a single mother and graduating student at Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College, no one is too old to pursue a dream even if he or she lacks the financial resources.

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De Guzman, a senior student taking up a degree in Information System Major in Interactive Technology, shares her encouraging story on how she is currently fulfilling her dreams.

?We lost our father 25 years ago. From that moment, we already knew that we can?t finish our studies anymore. Money at home was very tight and we don?t have an option but to embrace the reality.?

?After taking BS Nursing in 2005, I stopped my studies abruptly and focused instead on getting a job. When I gave birth to my son, I knew there will be no chance for me to finish my studies,? explained De Guzman.

But her son who serves as her biggest inspiration gave her hope to fulfill her dreams. Despite her personal and financial struggles, De Guzman took and applied for Career Service Examination Professional Level, which is prerequisite qualification for anyone who wants to get a job in the government.

?When I passed the CSE, I realized there?s still hope for me,? adds De Guzman, as she continued to narrate how she slowly strove to hunt for her elusive dream.

Without any money in hand, De Guzman mustered the courage to enroll, even as an irregular student. ?After one semester, I decided to apply for a scholarship program granted by CHED. For two and a half years, I was able to work hard to get high grades and maintain my scholarship. I thank God for getting consistent grades and being a replacement scholar for 5 semesters,? shares De Guzman.

?I am so blessed this year. After finishing my scholarship with CHED, Carmudi Philippines granted me a new scholarship program that will enable me to fulfil my dreams,? said De Guzman.

The 27-year-old De Guzman was chosen by online car platform Carmudi as its recipient scholar for her outstanding grades and attitude towards her circumstances. The scholarship program aims to help senior students who are academically excellent but financially challenged.

?In line with our commitment towards being a responsible corporate citizen, it is our honor to support excellence in academe and provide the economic means for gifted students to move ahead on their educational path. We wish our scholars all the best in their future endeavors,? said Abhi Mohan, managing director of Carmudi Philippines.

Carmudi Philippines has been generating positive leads for potential car buyers and sellers in the country since it started January 2014. The website currently has close to 32,000 vehicles in its inventory spanning cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles; brand new or used. The online car platform was originally founded in Berlin, Germany in 2013 under the Rocket Internet Group.


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