Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Network threats getting sophisticated as cloud use rise in PH

By Joel Pinaroc

Global trends in computing, including the explosion of Internet on things (IoT) and increasing level of adoption for cloud computing, may give rise to more sophisticated challenges to Philippines firms when it comes to network security.

Shown in photo are Fortinet senior consultant Nap Castillo (left) and Fortinet Philippines country manager Jeff Castillo
Shown in photo are Fortinet senior consultant Nap Castillo (left) and Fortinet Philippines country manager Jeff Castillo

According to security solutions firm Fortinet, other major trends include 25 billion IoT connected devices by 2020, 3.2 billion Internet users, 1.3 billion smartphones, and the increasing use of public cloud that equal to a $191-billion market.

Connected devices may serve as ?avenues? that can ?infect? other devices, according to Nap Castillo, senior consultant for Fortinet.

?There is also an increasing number of companies using cloud computing meaning traditional security solutions, such as perimeter level security, may not be good enough,? Castillo said.

?Attackers can never outsmart solutions providers, but there is a need to educate users,? Castillo said at a recent Fortinet product launch.

He said as these trends continue, the shady business to cyberthreats is also keeping pace and that attacks are increasing at an alarming rate of 10,000 times.

?The rate of change (in security and Internet trends) is actually the big challenge,? Castillo said.

This is the reason, the executive said, that Fortinet recently launched its Fortinet Security Fabric, which Castillo said provides ?end to end? security in a single collaborative solution.

He said Security Fabric is ?an integrated, collaborative, and adaptive architecture designed to deliver distributed security for global enterprises providing protections against threats from IoT and remote devices, through the infrastructure core, and into the cloud.?

Also launched as part of the solution are the FortiGate 6000E and 2000Eseries enterprise firewalls powered by Fortinet?s FortiASIC CP9 content processor.

Castillo cited that one major enhancement is the Fortinet Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) framework, which enables dynamic generation of local threat intelligence and automated response coupled with new FortiGuard services for global threat intelligence protections.

Jeff Castillo, Fortinet Philippines country manager, said the solution has been launched in the second quarter. Aside from large companies, government agencies, and financial institutions, the solution can also be custom-fitted for smaller companies.

?The sectors we are looking at include government, banking, and education, among others,? the executive said.


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