Friday, June 21, 2024

OLX Philippines starts new campaign to ?make everybody a winner?

By Edd K. Usman

OLX Philippines, the most visited website in the Philippines, has unveiled a new campaign dubbed ?Win Together?, which seeks ?to build a community where everybody is a winner.?

OLX Philippines GM Giancarlo Bonsel (right) with chief marketing officer Cris Concepcion
OLX Philippines GM Giancarlo Bonsel (right) with chief marketing officer Cris Concepcion

Giancarlo Bonsel, general manager of OLX Philippines, said in an interview that the campaign makes sure that the groups and resources that “people have are actually used in the most optimal way.”

“This is where we really believe that the community as a whole will benefit from this individual transactions that happen through OLX. And this is what we want to emphasize with this campaign we are launching,” said Bonsel.

Cris Concepcion, chief marketing officer of OLX Philippines, said in a separate interview that the initiative is the company?s way of creating an awareness about the importance of communities that OLX has fostered.

?What we found out through since the 10 years since Sulit was formed — 10 years ago — is that a lot our users report to us the site’s transactions. They were actually able to spark communities of people who have the same types of passions and hobbies and interests,” he said. was the original name of the website before South Africa?s Naspers took over and renamed it OLX.

Concepcion said there are users of the site who are more entrepreneurial in spirit and used the OLX platform to build a business of their own.

“And so, a part of this campaign is to create awareness for more people to join this platform where we bring people together and create win-win exchanges,” he added.

Figures provided by OLX Philippines during the launching at Green Sun Hotel on July 14 touted the classified platform as having more than 300 million active users a month in 45 countries and receiving a staggering 28 billion page views every month.

In the Philippines the portal registers more than 40,000 new listings placed every day.

Filipinos who access the portal everyday look for cars, find a job, or rent a house. They also buy and sell various items, most of them gadgets.

“This lifestyle coupled with technology has created a collaborative economy where people share and exchange goods and resources as they create connections and build relationships with one another. We hope that our platform continues to be part of motivating more people to create communities engaging in winning exchanges,” Bonsel said.

Concepcion said there are smaller communities within the larger community of buyers and sellers, saying buying and selling are more than just a practical function.

“It is in our best interest to help these ‘tribes’ grow their own community base as well as encourage entrepreneurship and healthy exchanges with more people. Collectively, community efforts contribute to a greater goal of promoting sustainability, thereby, enabling all stakeholders to win together,” said Concepcion.


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