Monday, April 22, 2024

Sky Cable brings cable TV, pay-per-view offerings online

Cable TV and broadband operator Sky Cable has announced that its pay-per-view offerings are now online via Sky On Demand as the company attempts to capture the booming online market in the country.


Sky On Demand, the company?s video-on-demand platform introduced in 2015, now offers live streaming of its channel lineup online so viewers can watch cable shows on multiple devices anytime.

According to Sky Cable head of digital Jerome Almirante, ?the viewing habits of Filipinos are rapidly changing because they increasingly prefer watching shows using different gadgets aside from TV. With Sky On Demand, Filipino families can stream live cable TV, pay-per-view, and catch up on popular local and foreign shows anytime on their laptops, smartphones, and tablets.?

Sky On Demand was launched in 2015 during Sky Cable?s 25th year. Its library boasts pay-per-view content, local and foreign channels like CNN, Disney, and BTV; movies, and exclusive channels like ABS-CBN HD, ANC HD, ABS-CBN Sports + Action HD, among others. It is accessible using a Skybroadband or Skymobi (mobile internet) connection.

Alan Supnet, marketing head of Sky Cable, also said the company has added more pay-per-view content when it observed how most Filipinos struggle to find convenient avenues to watch movies, restored classics, indie films, and live events.

?When Filipino families miss the chance to catch a film during its theatrical release, they have to wait for months to watch it on TV, DVD, or during a limited screening. When they are in the provinces, they don?t have the opportunity to be part of big events that are usually held in Manila. Sky Pay-Per-View now becomes their portal to get front-row access to all these enriching viewing experiences,? he explained.

At the same time, Sky has introduced its newest Super Saver Plan bundle, an internet and cable TV bundle plan that combines Sky Cable prepaid and Skybroadband services. It has unlimited internet without any data cap with speeds of up to 3mbps priced at P999 every month.

The Super Saver Plan 3mbps is created to allow families to access information and entertainment on both the internet and television.

Meanwhile, the bundled Sky Cable prepaid grants access to Sky?s channel lineup that includes HD and exclusive channels. Families can choose from three cable prepaid load variants available for P99, P250, and P450 valid for 30 days to activate their Sky Cable prepaid subscription.


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