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With ‘IoT’ adoption on the rise, Nokia offers smart home solution

By Edd K. Usman

With billions of devices expected to be Internet of Things (IOT)-connected by 2020, Nokia announced recently in the Philippines its new smart home solution for network operators.

Perry Poehlmann, head of Nokia MBB Radio and MBB sales, demonstrates the use of cloud robots using 5G for smart home
Perry Poehlmann, head of Nokia MBB Radio and MBB sales, demonstrates the use of cloud robots using 5G for smart home

The Finnish tech icon showcased its smart home solutions during its Innovation Day 2016 last Aug. 17 in Makati City. Executives of Nokia present included Danial Mausoof, head of marketing and corporate affairs for Asia Pacific, Japan, and Korea, and Timothy Senathirajah, general manager of Nokia Philippines.

Mausoof said Nokia currently is focused on improving customer experience and will work with local network operators. “We are working with service providers to improve quality of networks, ensure that customers have better customer experience and we can drive up daily usage as Philippines moves into the next generation of networks,” he said.

Aside from smart home, Nokia is also focused on fleet management over 3G and 4G networks and mobile broadband, he added. Mausoof said the company is working with multiple customers and enterprise for its initiative on public safety over broadband.

“This means the creation of mission-critical networks, public safety networks that allow better communication for not only the first responders but provide the right level of security to people of Philippines, and across Asia Pacific and Japan,” he said.

The Finnish company’s smart home solutions allow network operators to immediately offer new services to residential customers who seek digital home solutions.

Nokia cited a report on the number of devices connected to the IoT, which are expected to jump “from 1.6 billion to between 20 and 46 billion by 2020. Between 2015 and 2020, the smart home market is projected to grow 24 percent to $39 billion, it added.

Thus, network operators are in search for ways to help their subscribers leverage IoT in all aspects of their lives. And the company has now a ready answer through its solutions available by end of 2016.

Nokia’s smart home gateway comes as a single box solution allowing network subscribers an easy way to monitor and control everything inside their home using a smartphone or a tablet. They can adjust the temperature and motion sensors, door and window sensors, smoke detectors, light switches and security cameras.

Though the smart home market is just getting started, prospects are good, said Jonathan Collins, director of ABI Research for smart home. Operators, he said, have to ensure they are deploying a smart home device that supports multiple protocols in a single device, including Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and Z-Wave.


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