survey: Pinoys happiest employees in SE Asia


Among public and private sector employees in Southeast Asia, Filipinos are the happiest, according to online site

Photo shows Philippines country manager Philip A. Gioca with regional manager Yolanda Buyco
Photo shows Philippines country manager Philip A. Gioca with regional manager Yolanda Buyco

Filipinos emerged at the top of the survey when it comes to being happy and satisfied at work, the poll conducted in July 2016 revealed.

The survey is called the 2016 Happiness Index Report covering employees in six other Asian countries. Aside from the Philippines (12,796 respondents), the survey was also conducted in Hong Kong (1,045), Vietnam (4,452), Thailand (1,407), Malaysia (4,446), Singapore (2,696), and Indonesia (23,844).

JobStreet’s study showed the job happiness in SE Asia put Filipinos at an average satisfaction rating of 6.25 percent; followed by Indonesia, 6.16; Thailand, 5.74; Hong Kong, 5.54.

Though also happy in their jobs, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore are at the bottom three, registering 5.54, 5.22, and 5.09, respectively.

JobStreet’s study also showed the Philippines topping the Job Happiness Index, with 73 respondents saying they are happy out of 100; Indonesia came in second at 71. Malaysia registered the lowest happiness index, registering only 41 people out of 100.

Philip Gioca, country manager for the Philippines, said having a good relationship with colleagues topped the factors causing job happiness; second is the convenient work location; and third is working in a reputable company.

Employees are unhappy over poor salary, poor benefits/perks, and poor training and development programs, said Gioca.

Another revelation from the study was that the happiest Filipino employees came from the public sector, based in Bicol Region, six months to one year in their jobs, fresh graduates, and specializing in hospitality industry.

Gioca said employers can increase their employees’ happiness by giving them salary increase or a promotion.

Among the key points borne by the research showed Filipinos remain to be SE Asia’s happiest employees and armed with assessment about their job that still leans towards optimism.

Based on specialization, the Philippines’ happiest employees are in hospitality, 6.72 percent; building and construction, 6.58; education, 6.51. The bottom three are in healthcare, 6.12, banking and finance, 6.08; and marketing, 6.01.

By industry, employees in government/public sector are the happiest, 6.66 percent; education, 6.53; oil/gas, 6.49; while the bottom three are retail, 6.08; banking and finance, 6.03; and business process outsourcing/call center, 5.99.

Position level showed that fresh graduates are the happiest, 6.52 percent; managers up, 6.28; junior executives, 6.20; and supervisors, 6.15. It means that those just new in their work and those promoted to the highest ranks are the happiest.

Employees are driven to leave their jobs by uninspiring leadership, insufficient salary, lack of benefits, and lack of trainings.


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