Microsoft PH intros Office 365 E5 infused with security, analytics

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By Edd K. Usman

Software maker Microsoft has formally introduced in the country its new Office 365 E5 Suite, which merges advanced features on security, analytics, and real-time communication.

Christian Lim, head of Office business group at Microsoft Philippines, discussing the features of Office 365 E5, which merges security, analytics, and voice communication
Christian Lim, head of Office business group at Microsoft Philippines, discussing the features of Office 365 E5, which merges security, analytics, and voice communication

Office 365 E5 targets enterprise users who a more secure environment to protect data both in and out of cloud computing. It also has a package for small business groups. For individual users, there is Office 365 Personal and Office 365 Home.

Security, analytics, and voice communication — three of the critical needs of businesses — have been embedded to the new product offering.

“Office 365 E5 is really the premium solution of Microsoft for enterprise today. It features a lot of solutions which answers the security, voice, and analytics needs of customers today,” said Christian Lim, Office business group head of Microsoft.

It carries advanced features on security, analytics, and real-time communication merged as a single suite, which makes it unique from the previous Office 365 Suites.

He said during the launch in Makati City that “technology is completely changing” and that through the E5, Microsoft is driving digital transformation or disruption in the workplace.

He said even individual consumers need security to protect data in their smartphones. “(In) your device,” he noted, “everything about you is there, your pictures, your videos, and things you work on,” Lim pointed out.

Emphasizing the need to have a secure cyber world, he said: “Security is one of the things that Microsoft has been investing on a lot in the past couple years. And now we have introduced a lot of features as part of E5, such as advanced cloud protection, advanced security management, Lockbox, etc.”

Lim said all of the security features embedded in Office 365 E5 are crafted by Microsoft to ensure that enterprise organizations will be safe from phishing, malware, ransomware, etc.

For voice communication, he said E5 has Skype Business which introduces Cloud PBX which allows business companies to mimic today’s traditional PBX, with the difference that everything in the former is in the cloud, such as landlines, mobile phone numbers, etc.

With Cloud PBX, Lim said a company executive even when he is not in his office can be called up in his office landline through Skype Business’s feature.

In sum, Office 365 E5 offers real-time communications through PBX Cloud, PSTN Conferencing, Skype Meeting Broadcast and PSTN Calling as an add-on based on availability.

For analytics, it has end-user analytics with Power BI and organizational analytics with Delve Organizational Analytics.

Its security feature, meanwhile, has predictive eDiscovery, secure attachments, and safe URLs with Advanced Threat Protection, and Access Control with Customer Lockbox.

Microsoft said the suite’s real-time communication makes it easy to organize online meetings that can be hosted from within Office 365 E5 “for as many as 10,000 people, from anywhere in the world, while creating an interactive discussion through a built-in real-time polling, sentiment tracking and Yammer message.”

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