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TV5 will no longer just be a broadcast station, says new chief

Vincent ?Chot? Reyes, who made his name as a basketball coach, said his stint as head of D5Studio, the digital solutions unit of the MVP Group, has given him enough appreciation of digital technology ? an outlook which he is now raring to apply in his biggest corporate role to date.

D5Studio employees with PLDT chair Manny V. Pangilinan, incoming TV5 chief Chot Reyes, and digital marketing head  Lloyd Manaloto
D5Studio employees with PLDT chair Manny V. Pangilinan, incoming TV5 chief Chot Reyes, and digital marketing head Lloyd Manaloto

Come October 1, Reyes will formally assume the position as president of TV5, replacing Emmanuel ?Noel? Lorenzana, who is retiring from the sprawling business conglomerate.

In a press roundtable, Reyes equated digital as being ?real?, saying that digital has become an inherent part of everyday living in this time and age.

He said digital is an indispensable tool which he intends to effectively utilize for TV5 as a way of keeping up ? or even surpassing giant rivals ABS-CBN and GMA-7.

Even as he relegates the leadership of D5Studio to Lloyd Manaloto, who will also now become the digital marketing head of TV5, Reyes will be tapping the solutions which D5Studio has developed.

Reyes said TV5, with the help of D5Studio, will dive deep into solutions and content and will no longer be just be a TV station.

?D5Studio connotes a bigger suite of services. It?s not just content that we will produce but we are more and more delivering business solutions to our clients,? said Reyes, who once coached the Talk ?N Text team in the PBA.

D5Studio has, within a year?s time, said it has successfully transformed into a digital powerhouse that offers not just original content but a full suite of services that lives up to the ?digital-first? vision of MVP Group chairman Manny V. Pangilinan.

But content will still be the studio?s bread and butter, according to Manaloto. ?While content is the heart of our offerings, solutions will allow clients to reach their business goals,? Manaloto said.

In addition to its original entertainment content available on, the former Digital5 has also been providing online support and creating content for other brands of the MVP Group that include PLDT and Smart Communications.

In helping transform PLDT and Smart from communication service providers into brands that are more consumer-oriented and lifestyle-centric, D5Studio has become a key player to the strategic rebranding of the two companies that also reflect its three-year massive digital transformation.

Another company belonging to the MVP Group that has made the successful shift into the digital sphere is Sports5.

Thanks in large part to D5Studio, Sports5 has been transformed from a purely linear channel, providing viewers an omni-channel experience for every sports fan.

Sports5?s digital video content has garnered over 100 million views, and has raked in almost one billion minutes in viewing time.

Recently, D5Studio showcased its capabilities when it participated and won the ?Crisis Reporting? competition of The Philippines Editors Lab, which was part of the 5th season of GEN’s Editors Lab program.

Given the task of developing a news app prototype that can help journalists when disasters strike, the D5Studio team struck gold with ?Under Pressure,? a website that focuses on preparing news reporters for reporting on both natural and man-made disasters.

As a result of its victory, the D5Studio team will represent the Philippines at the Editors Lab Final in Vienna, Austria in June 2017, where it will compete with media networks from other countries.


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