‘First PH online shopping mall’ set for launch on Oct. 20

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Adobomall, which is purported to be the first online shopping mall in the Philippines, is set to mark a major milestone in the local e-commerce industry with its slated launch on Oct. 20.


The online mall said all major brands found in physical stores will be available in the site, bringing local shopping to a new level.

“Since I travel a lot for business, a big chunk of my shopping is done online, but I never felt the same here in the Philippines. I thought, it’s only about time there is something worth of our love for shopping,” said Adobomall founder and CEO Walt Steven Young.

Despite the well-known fondness of Filipinos for shopping, Young said there has always been a “disconnect and apprehension when it comes to ordering online.”

Aiming to bring the real shopping experience, Adobomall makes online shopping convenient and reliable.
“Sadly, most are still apprehensive to shop online. You can’t blame them — we’ve heard issues of fake products and users and merchandisers being scammed. This is the reason I’m bringing Adobomall to the Philippines first. The time for real online shopping is coming,” said Young.

Acting as an extension of physical stores, Adobomall said it would house fashion and apparel labels, as well as lifestyle brands, travel and leisure essentials, gadgets and electronics, cosmetics, books, restaurants, and other services.

Unlike other e-commerce platforms where most brands are mixed together, Adobomall said allows brands to have their own personal “virtual store fronts”.

“Think of it as a virtual mall where you walk and pass by shops. Adobomall will house all your favorite brands that you can access at the palm of your hands. Now, there’s no need to endure traffic or the long lines only to find out that your size or style is sold out,” said Young.

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