Sunday, March 3, 2024

Oasis Games readies titles for upcoming PlayStation VR launch

Oasis Games, an independent Chinese publisher, has announced the release dates for its PlayStation VR line-up, starting with Ace Banana being confirmed as a day one release on Oct. 13, to coincide with the PlayStation VR launch.


Keeping the VR momentum going within the month, will be Pixel Gear on Oct. 20 and Weeping Doll on Oct. 27. Additionally, DYING: Reborn has been confirmed to launch in January 2017 and details on Mixip will be announced at a later date.

Oasis Games is a third-party publisher with the largest PS VR lineup of five diverse games to be launched within the 90-day launch window.

Oasis is the sole strategic partner of Sony Interactive Entertainment and the first publisher to launch a Chinese-developed game for PlayStation4 system in the West with KOI.

?We are immensely proud to have a strong and diverse PS VR lineup to offer players starting with our Oct. launch titles,? said Alen Wu, global business director for Oasis Games.

?On Oct. 13, we look forward to having our fun arcade archery game, Ace Banana out, with our shoot-em-up Pixel Gear and the dark, story driven psychological adventure, Weeping Doll to follow in the coming weeks in Oct. It?s going to be a great month for VR fans!?


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