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Emerson donates ?Instrulab? to Innovation Center of Miriam College

US-based technology and engineering company Emerson has donated a state-of-the-art laboratory at Miriam College?s newly built Henry Sy Sr. Innovation Center

The Henry Sy Jr. Innovation Center in Miriam College. Photo credit: Miriam College
The Henry Sy Jr. Innovation Center in Miriam College. Photo credit: Miriam College

The instrumentation laboratory is a major component of the school?s new Innovation Center, the country?s first integrated ?makerspace,? located along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City.

The Emerson Instrumentation Laboratory, or Instrulab, is a learning space equipped with various tools for testing and conducting investigatory experiments.

The facility is meant to inspire and energize the youth about the vital and fun benefits of learning about math and science as well as connect these fields to technological advances and modern conveniences.

It is designed to teach students the fundamental concepts of pressure, distance and velocity, temperature, mass and weight, among others.

Emerson will also support Miriam College?s Innovation Center through initiatives where company personnel participate in lectures, programs, and collaborations with students and educators to train the ?STEM workforce of tomorrow.?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math.

Emerson?s partnership with Miriam College is part of the company?s advocacy to promote STEM education.

In the Philippines, it has forged partnerships with 12 universities and 12 K-12 schools and sponsors 20 scholars in partnership with the AmCham Foundation.

Its support of local educational institutions that nurture and inspire young students to pursue STEM disciplines is part of its commitments around the world.

With programs and initiatives such as funding laboratories and professorships, sponsoring research in topics critical to Emerson?s technology future and providing scholarships to fund education, Emerson aims to extend the benefits to the local communities by helping raise the quality of educational opportunities and improve lives in the process.

?As a global technology and engineering leader, Emerson?s continuing success depends on being able to attract highly-skilled talents, especially in the STEM disciplines,? said Ed Boone, vice president and general manager of Emerson Philippines.

?Our donation and engagement with an educational institution like Miriam College provides us with a unique opportunity to encourage young women in particular ? as well as others in the community ? to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of STEM disciplines in modern life as well as to explore career opportunities in these fields.?

Over the years, Emerson has evolved its business in the Philippines to provide more value-added solutions and services not only to the organization?s business units but also to the customers in various areas of engineering, customer support, finance, marketing and business development, information technology, and supply chain management.

Emerson has approximately 3,500 employees in the Philippines.


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