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AMD bullish on PH market, prepares for boom in VR, AR in next 2 years

By Edd K. Usman

Global technology company AMD wants to build on its successes in the Philippines, one of its top executives said during the recently concluded 2016 Canalys Channels Forum (CCF) at the JW Marriott Hotel in Macau.

AMD executives led by senior director Vinay Sinha (right), pose during the recently concluded 2016 Canalys Channels Forum in Macau
AMD executives led by senior director Vinay Sinha (right), pose during the recently concluded 2016 Canalys Channels Forum in Macau

Vinay Sinha, senior director for enterprise business in Asia Pacific and Japan at AMD, said the Philippines “is a big focus area for AMD.” ?We have chosen to deploy in the Philippines prior to some of the other countries within Asia,” he said.

Aside from being the world’s second largest maker of microprocessors, AMD also makes flash memory and integrated circuits for networking devices, as well as programmable logic devices.

As the company moves forward, Sinha noted the “Philippines is also maturing, developing… we want to be an active part of it, from deployment purpose, from the whole engagement strategy. The Philippines is right way up on our focus countries in Asia Pacific and Japan. I think we have early successes in this country and we want to build from that.”

The executive, who is based in Gurgaon, India, cited consumers in the Philippines for being “well-read, knowing what they want, tech-savvy, and a very educated lot.”

He cited his company’s performance across Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand, and Japan, as “doing extremely well.” The Asian countries in particular are a big focus for AMD, he added.

In the case of the Philippines, he said, they deployed executives for its business and consumer businesses. “We have one guy dedicated for commercial business and another one for the consumer sector. So there are as many as two to four people in the Philippines.”

The deployment of people that AMD made in Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand “started to pay dividends,” he said. “We might be in the range of between 25 and 30 percent market share, business and enterprise,” he said.

Sinha said also predicted that augmented reality (AU) and virtual reality (VR) “is one technology that will take the world by storm over the next two years.”

“I think we are ahead of the curve and we will continue to invest in this area as we mover forward,” the AMD executive said.

AMD was one of the tech vendors that participated in the CCF where some 530 channel partners from more than 30 countries in Asia Pacific assembled for three days.

“CCF is one of the things that we do as a rule because nowhere in the past or in the future you have such a good collection of channel guys coming in under one floor. So, it is a great time for interaction, for networking, getting to meet good, sensible and relevant people,” said Sinha.


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