Sunday, March 3, 2024

Survey: Over 50% of Pinoys claim to practice ?gift recycling?

In an online survey conducted by online retailer Lazada Philippines, 51% of the 220 respondents admitted that they recycled gifts.


The practice of gift recycling, where people re-purpose gifts they receive into gifts for others, is often considered taboo.

Inanc Balci, Lazada CEO, said many Filipinos are now recycling their gifts because of a number of factors. “While we all practice gift-giving, finding the right gift is extremely hard. There?s the traffic, the lines in the malls, time spent, and the severe lack of options. That?s why it?s no surprise that Filipinos will cut corners to the formal, personalized gift giving process.?

Another prevalent practice is ?bulk gift giving.? Sixty three percent of respondents practiced giving the same gift to multiple people during Christmas. Top of the wholesale gift list in the survey included Christmas gift baskets, pastries, and personal care.

The poll also showed Filipinos have a very high regard for the Christmas giving tradition.

Eighty two percent of respondents believe that gifts for others must come before getting gifts for themselves. That?s why 76% of respondents describe their Christmas gifts as ?a long list of small gifts.? But size doesn?t matter since 83% believe gift wrapping is an important tradition.

When it comes to Christmas gift giving games, Kris Kringle reigns supreme with 59% of the respondents into this holiday tradition.


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