Thursday, February 22, 2024

Apple retailer brings first earphones with lightning cable to PH

Apple retailer Power Mac Center has introduced in the country the JBL Reflect Aware earphones, which are touted to be the world?s first earphones with lighting connectors that can be used in the new iPhone 7.


The JBL Reflect Aware earphones are also said to be the first sport earphones with noise cancellation and adaptive noise control. Its noise cancellation properties allow for a more focused workout, while still being able to mix in environmental sound for greater awareness of surroundings.

The earphones do not have any batteries because it draws power and digital audio directly from the lightning connector on Apple devices.

The JBL Reflect Aware has a reflective design with eye-catching and tangle-free cables, best for athletes who prefer exercising at night. The ergonomic fit also keeps the earpieces in place no matter how intense the workout gets.

Wired In-ear headphones

? JBL Reflect Aware with Lightning connector (P8,490)

? JBL Reflect Mini (P2,490)

Wireless In-ear headphones

? JBL Reflect Contour (P4,599)

? JBL Reflect Response (P7,490)

? JBL Reflect Mini BT (P4,990)


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