E-commerce site touts local touch amid explosion of online malls


A new Filipino-owned online shopping mall, One2Shop, said it is sure to survive the chaotic e-commerce scene as it has built its site around the peculiarities and traits on Filipino online shoppers.


The tech firm said the many of the “online shopping malls” in the country have been mostly foreign and do not have the local touch that Pinoy users look for.

With a keen understanding of the local market, One2Shop said it aims to grow its business by harnessing the power of the web and social media channels to better engage its target audience.

One2Shop said one of its advantages over competing digital platforms is its use of the latest solutions for e-commerce websites. Its back-end is built on top of Amazon Web Services, and it relies on various social media channels and advertising networks to deliver its content and offerings to its users.

Most of the online shopping malls and online retailers in the Philippines, it said, are built to serve smaller markets with hardly any plans for scaling.

?One2Shop helps online merchants connect with other merchants. One2Shop handles the back-end of the business, letting merchants focus on what’s important: the actual operations of the business,? it said.

The e-commerce site said it will be available through its official website, one2shop.com, and then through the One2Shop mobile app for Android.


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