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Fuji Xerox intros cloud-compliant color printers in PH

Japanese tech titan Fuji Xerox has introduced in the Philippines a pair of cloud-compliant color printers that, among others, can print easily from the cloud through a smartphone.

Ken Kozak, general manager for sales at Fujix Xerox Printer Channel (FXPC) Philippines
Ken Kozak, general manager for sales at Fujix Xerox Printer Channel (FXPC) Philippines

Ken Kozak, general manager for sales of Fuji Xerox Printer Channel (FXPC) Philippines, led the recent unveiling of the latest models of printers — DocuPrint CP315 dw and DocuPrint CM315 z — which were crafted to suit one’s needs and work environment.

“We are thrilled to introduce DocuPrint C315 series with a host of new technology and features,” he said, noting the printers take advantage of the company’s CCSLED technology and also comes in with the new Super EA ECO toner for “unrivaled print quality.”

In an interview, Kozak said Fuji Xerox is looking at SMEs as the target customers who may find them good for their business needs.

He said the two printers are part of Fuji Xerox’s storied history of being at the forefront of innovation in the last 30 or 40 years.

“I am please to say that our business continues to grow and the Philippines represents an excellent opportunity for Fuji Xerox. From a business perspective, we not only have these two products but we have a complete range of products. Whether you are SME, or a home user or a large enterprise we have the solution that is suited for your business,” he said.

The monochrome version (C315) has a tag price of P22,000; the color one (CM315) at P40,000.

“These printers are specifically designed for the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and you can see by their compact size that they were designed for businesses where space could be a challenge. So the two products are in that category,” said Kozak.

DocuPrint CP315 dw
DocuPrint CP315 dw

He emphasized that the design of the printers allows the company to produce a machine with very small footprint as well as “outstanding image quality.”

The executive said clean environment advocates can take pleasure that the printers also have less carbon dioxide emission.

“We are able to reduce the running cost at 20 percent and also at the same time reducing the emission by around 35 percent,” said Kozak.

DocuPrint CM315 z
DocuPrint CM315 z

The printer series leverages the Fuji Xerox Cloud Service Hub that gives users access to files in various listed cloud storages, such as One Drive, DropBox and Google Drive in a single search. Its printing capabilities include files formats Microsoft Office, PDF, XPS, DocuWorks, TIFF, JPEG stored in the cloud storage.

It can also send scanned data to the cloud without the installation of driver, the company said. Mobility is a built-in capability of the printer series as it is equipped with AirPrint, Google Cloud Print ready, Wi-Fi Direct and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

Furthermore, the CM315 has support for print, copy, scan and fax functions.


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