Thursday, June 20, 2024

SAP showcases new technology for connected vehicles

German software giant SAP has demonstrated new technology for drivers and rental car users through Internet of Things (IoT) collaboration with Concur Technologies, Hertz, and Nokia.


A part of the SAP Leonardo portfolio, the SAP Vehicles Network solution creates an intelligent, automated experience ? from car rental to parking and fueling location and payment, to integrated navigation and expense management for business travelers.

SAP also announced that Mojio, the connected vehicle platform and app provider for Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile USA, has joined SAP Vehicles Network and will provide parking and fueling through its app in the United States and Europe.

The announcement was made at the recently held Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

SAP Vehicles Network, built on SAP Cloud Platform, enables participating network companies to provide mobility services to drivers and passengers.

By standardizing the business processes, SAP Vehicles Network enables integration and collaboration to facilitate new revenue streams and business opportunities for network members.

Through the network, member companies can offer secure, convenient services ? independent of devices or vehicles ? such as parking, fueling and location-based food services, tailored for the business traveler or the individual consumer.

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Mojio?s cloud integration with SAP Vehicles Network takes the guesswork out of parking, enabling drivers to plan and reserve a parking spot based on calendar events or search, as well as to find and pay for a spot in real time based on the connected vehicle?s location.

A ?tap? inside Mojio?s app toggles between personal and business, allowing for automated expense reporting to Concur solutions. Together, Mojio and SAP plan to bring automated parking and fueling services to a growing base of connected drivers around the world.

SAP Vehicles Network makes any car smart and transactional by providing drivers with cashless access to on- and off-street parking and connected fueling stations. It minimizes unnecessary drive time and fuel expenditures and helps reduce traffic and emissions caused by drivers searching for open spaces.


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