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NPC highlights 5 commandments in protecting people’s data

By Edd K. Usman

“Secure our people’s data now.” This was what National Privacy Commission (NPC) headed by chairman Raymund Liboro told data protection officers (DPOs) during the 1st Data Protection Officers (DPOs) Assembly last April 5, at the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) Plaza in Ermita, Manila.

NPC chair Raymund Enriquez Liboro
NPC chair Raymund Enriquez Liboro

As Liboro pointed out to the DPOs, being at the forefront of personal data protection means they have to observe the proper procedures in handling the information entrusted to them.

Some 200 DPOs from 225 government agencies participated in the conference, during which the NPC also unveiled its Data Privacy Accountability and Compliance Framework that agencies should comply with an implement in 90 days’ time.

The framework contains NPC’s “5 Commandments:”

1. Appoint a Data Protection Officer.

2.Conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment.

3. Come up with your Privacy Management Program and privacy manual.

4. Implement privacy and data Protection measures.

5. Regularly exercise your breach reporting process.

In an interview, Liboro cited the government as the biggest collector of the people’s data and processor of personal information.

“The data is entrusted to us by the citizens. So, our call to them (agencies/DPOs) today: We need to change the old ways. When in the past handling personal data was accessible to just anyone in a government agency, now, they must make sure that those who have access are authorized,” Liboro emphasized.

The NPC chief likewise highlighted the rights of the people in connection with their personal data.


In this light, the NPC has promised to help government agencies comply with the requirements stipulated in the Data Privacy Law.


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