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Tech gear maker Rapoo intros VPro sub-brand for gamers

Gadgets maker Rapoo has formally introduced in the Philippines its sub-brand, called VPro, which is aimed at the local gaming market.

Officials of Rapoo show off the VPro line
Officials of Rapoo show off the VPro line

At a press launch held at the Marco Polo Hotel in Pasig City on Monday, April 3, officials said the boom in laptops and Bluetooth technology are also fueling the growth of various IT products such as headsets and mouse.

But one of the key drivers of this growth, they said, is gaming.

?Gaming has gotten a lot more serious these past few years, and there are already a lot of Filipino pro gamers who are making a name for themselves in e-sports tournaments all over the world. We want to nurture the passion and talent Filipinos have by letting them experience the gaming gear used by the top cyber athletes in the world,? said Kyle Guo, Rapoo R&D director.

The VPro gaming brand under Rapoo offers range of products, including gaming mice, gaming mechanical keyboards, and gaming headsets.

According to statistics compiled by, the total prize money of gaming competitions in 2016 reached an unbelievable $94,445,235.87.The prize came from 3,995 tournaments participated in by more than 13,000 cyber athletes.

?Rapoo as VPro Gaming will bring its strengths into the game by exacting product-quality standards, achieved by specialists from almost all fields of expertise needed,? said Lem Estiva, Rapoo Philippines retail sales manager.

Rapoo said VPro is able to drastically shorten product-development cycles, allowing it to respond more quickly to new trends and the growing needs of the gaming community.

Leading the lineup of VPro gaming gear is the VPro V810 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Complementing the VPro keyboard is the VPro range of gaming mice led by the VPro V310 Laser Gaming Mouse. Completing the trio of essential gaming gear is the headset led by the VPro VH600 Virtual 7.1.


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