Tuesday, May 21, 2024

With Oracle clout, NetSuite bares massive global expansion initiatives

At its first SuiteWorld event since being acquired by Oracle, cloud computing firm NetSuite ? now officially known as Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit — announced a massive expansion plan to accelerate its international growth.

This year's SuiteWorld is being held in Las Vegas. Photo credit: Sheila Rada
This year’s SuiteWorld is being held in Las Vegas. Photo credit: Sheila Rada

The company said the expansion initiatives will enable it to launch more data centers, more field offices, and more development centers globally.

?Leveraging Oracle?s global scale, we are able to massively accelerate NetSuite?s vision of bringing a single unified suite to companies all over the world,? said Jim McGeever, executive vice president of Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit.

?Oracle?s technology infrastructure and global reach enables us to help ensure customer success no matter where they are located in the world.?

Adding Oracle?s global resources to NetSuite?s existing global footprint provides rapid entry and expansion into new markets across three key areas:

? Data Centers. Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit plans to more than double its data center footprint from five data centers globally to 11. NetSuite currently operates five data centers, three in North America, one in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and one in Dublin, Ireland. NetSuite expects to add a fourth North American data center in Chicago. As part of the global expansion plans, NetSuite will leverage existing Oracle data centers in Europe and Asia. In Europe, NetSuite is scheduled to open a data center in Frankfurt, Germany to remedy the lack of modern cloud computing offerings in the country. In Asia Pacific, NetSuite plans to initially launch facilities in Australia and Singapore, followed by Japan and China. The addition of Oracle data centers to NetSuite?s operations will provide even greater security, redundancy, performance and scalability for new and existing customers across the globe.

? Field offices. NetSuite expects to double its global presence, expanding from offices in 10 countries to 23 spread across the globe. The addition of Oracle?s field offices significantly increases NetSuite?s ability to meet the rising demand for cloud ERP around the world. NetSuite is establishing a new presence in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, France, Germany, Sweden, Dubai, China, India, Malaysia and New Zealand. In addition, NetSuite is expanding headcount in existing field offices by over 50 percent to provide better resources for customer demand.

? Development centers. Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit is leveraging existing Oracle development centers across India, China and Japan. The development centers will be able to accelerate the development of international, regional and local features and functionality within NetSuite OneWorld.


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