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Drone maker DJI introduces Goggles headset in PH

By Steph Roxas

Ascendant drone manufacturer DJI is expanding its technology offerings in the country with the formal rollout of DJI Goggles on Tuesday, June 6.


Representatives of its local distributor MSI-ECS conducted a live demonstration of the product during a media launch held at its office in Pasig City.

The VR look-alike is painted in white and has two ultra-large quality screens for optimal viewing, touchpad, and remote controller for navigation and direct capture.

DJI Goggles promises a low-lag transmission with its HD and smooth mode. The former has the capability to provide a resolution up to 1080p/30fps in a near range while the latter has an undeviating quality of 720p/60fps. The product also has built-in antennas into its headband to provide smooth 360-degree coverage.

The product has ?Head Tracking? that comes in two modes: the Head Tracking Flight mode which gives the user the ability control both aircraft yaw (rotating motion) and camera tilt; and Head Tracking Gimbal mode that allows pivotal support to function without affecting yaw.

One of the outstanding features of the DIJ Goggles is the debut of the Fixed-Wing Mode that allows users to replicate a pragmatic experience of a steady and straight vision with minimal movement.

Other flight modes include Terrain Follow, ActiveTrack, TapFly, Cinematic, and Tripod mode.

With the introduction of OcuSync Technology, the product also has the capability to connect up to a total of four drones and goggle devices.

The Goggles also introduced a range of interfaces to fully maximize the experience of drones: the Micro-USB input, MicroSD card, HDMI input, and headphone or speakers jack.

Crystal Sevilla, product manager for DJI at MSI-ECS, said that DJI Goggles will provide the chance and experience of flying a drone for reluctant enthusiasts.

While it does have built-in interfaces for other devices, Sevilla said DJI drones, particularly the Mavic model, will provide the best immersive experience for the product. The Phantom series and Inspire 2 are also compatible but with some limitations.


The DJI Goggles will be available at a suggested retail price of P27,400.


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