Tuesday, March 5, 2024

PH offices must now embrace tech in their operations: JLL

By Rizal Raoul Reyes

The traditional workplace in the Philippines must now look forward in applying technology to the current working environment to become relevant to the next generation of workforce.

JLL head of corporate solutions research in Asia Pacific Susan Sutherland
JLL head of corporate solutions research in Asia Pacific Susan Sutherland

In a recent interview with Newsbytes.PH, Susan Sutherland, head of corporate solutions research for Asia Pacific at Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), said traditional Philippine offices must now heed the pervasive role of technology in their operations.

She said it is not only the Philippines that will experience the impact of technology in the workplace. Through their study called ?Future of Work,? Sutherland said JLL was able to get several viewpoints of their clients about the role of technology in their operations.

?Future of Work was developed on the conversations with JLL?s clients. It is really about how our clients can think of the future of the workplace and the impact of the corporate real estate,? Sutherland said.

?Technology is a big factor in the discussion which was based on the input with our global clients,? Sutherland added.

Sutherland said the work from home concept is one step that employers can implement to ensure productivity is maintained. Since Metro Manila experiences monstrous traffic jams on a daily basis, she said business leaders can use the work from home option to some employees to ensure they maintain their high level of productivity and efficiency.

?We certainly see that it can be beneficial but it really up to the company to determine what their needs are,? she said.

Sutherland also pointed out that organizations can pursue implement future-proofing programs to its employees to ensure they are equipped to handle the disruptions.

One of the future-proofing programs is to provide them the skills and the knowledge such as data analytics to handle new trends in the business environment.

Furthermore, Sutherland said it would be quite useful for an organization to also focus on the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation and predictive capability.

She said the Future of Work concept can be applied both in the developing or mature market. Sutherland said the theory is agnostic and does not factor the status of an organization as technology is going to level up all things once it is implemented.

?The more important thing is how agile or fast can an organization adjust to cope with the disruptions,? Sutherland pointed out.

Sutherland noted there will be closer collaboration between ICT companies and property developers to design and build facilities that will cater to the needs of the next generation of workers. ?For instance, these two parties can work together on how to put a smart building,? Sutherland said.


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