Sunday, March 3, 2024

PLDT pushes big, small firms to undertake digital transformation

By Edd K. Usman

With many Philippine enterprises continuing to ignore or delay going digital, telco giant PLDT has emphasized the need to exploit technology to foster innovations that will benefit them.

PLDT executives led by COO Eric Alberto (3rd from left) oblige for a photo-op during the media briefing at Marriot Hotel in Pasay City
PLDT executives led by COO Eric Alberto (3rd from left) oblige for a photo-op during the media briefing at Marriot Hotel in Pasay City

The company emphasized this at the Philippine Digital Convention (PDC) held on June 14-15 at the Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom in Pasay City. The event, co-organized with analyst firm IDC, drew around 1,000 executives and business owners.

PLDT chief revenue officer Eric Alberto noted how technology can impact businesses across all industries, warning that it could be the end for some if they don?t go digital.

“I think the reality of today’s world dictates that enterprises really embrace leveraging technology to propel their business forward and ensure their long-term strategic survival and viability,” he underscored.

Alberto said it has become inevitable for enterprises, whether big or small, to leverage technology so they can address the realities of an expanding business-to-business to and business-to-consumer world.

The PLDT digital convention came on the heels of a recent study conducted by Microsoft which study showed 86 percent of enterprise executives in the Philippines believed that business success depends on going digital.

However, the same study showed many of country’s enterprises have not yet made gains from digital transformation: only 32 percent of the Filipino executives surveyed have full strategy; 43 percent still progressing; and 25 percent have limited or no strategy in place at all.

Alberto said their adoption of technology should either be to increase their revenue or decrease their cost.

“Or it can be a combination of both, such that incremental gains in either increasing their revenue or decreasing their cost far exceeds the cost of adopting technology by working with a trusted expert partner,” said Alberto.

PLDT SVP and head of enterprise Jovy Hernandez observed that among big and small businesses there is still a lingering fear of technology.

He said big enterprises are fearful whether it would work for them while small enterprises are afraid of failure.

“We can help companies overcome that fear. That is the role of PLDT, we are the enabler, to be fearless of change,” said Hernandez.

Alberto also assured that local firms have nothing to fear. “We will work with them and tailor-fit an enterprise solution set that actually caters to their particular business requirement,” he said.

Speakers at the event delved into software defined networks (SDN), Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and cyber security.

“As disruptive technologies keep challenging old business models, large and small and medium enterprises need to discover and appreciate this emerging proposition: that networks, applications, devices, and customer channels, all converge into one seamless ecosystem, to be able to deliver an experience expected and demanded by today’s end-customer,” said Alberto.


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