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Accenture opens ?Liquid Studio? in PH to aid clients develop solutions

By Clarist Zablan

Technology outsourcing giant Accenture has opened in the country a new ?Liquid Studio? — a facility where companies can collaborate with Accenture engineers to rapidly develop software and solutions.

Accenture PH digital group lead JP Palpallatoc
Accenture PH digital group lead JP Palpallatoc

The Liquid Studio features an open environment where clients co-innovate with Accenture engineers to turn concepts into applications and solutions with speed and agility, the company said.

At the Liquid Studio, Accenture seeks to help clients reduce development time from months to days by applying rapid development approaches including Agile methodologies and DevOps, and experimenting with disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation, augmented and virtual reality, cloud, Internet of Things, and blockchain.

“The Philippines is a significant and strategic part of Accenture’s global operations and the new Liquid Studio in Manila will help our clients navigate the digital revolution and stay competitive in today’s challenging marketplace,” Ambe Tierro, Accenture Philippines technology lead, said in a company statement.

The studio in Manila has virtual conversational agents who will provide an “always on” presence that can respond to the needs of clients and customers. Among the apps developed in studios in other parts of the world are IoT apps for automotive and mining industries. A chatbot named Multiple Application Rapid Innovation Center (MARIC) has also been developed in the studio.

According to Accenture Philippines digital lead JP Palpallatoc, Liquid Studios offer interactive sessions with resident engineers as well as rapid application prototyping and development, and mobilizing to scale.

Liquid Studios can also be found in Silicon Valley, London, Milan, Paris, Kronberg, Singapore and Sydney. According to the company, there are around 20 Liquid Studios worldwide.

Aside from start-ups, Accenture Philippines said it is also seeking graduates from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics courses to work for the studio.

In addition to serving clients, the Liquid Studio will be used to train and rotate Accenture professionals to provide them with experience in emerging technologies and ways of working.

?The Liquid Studio offers a ?sandbox environment? for Accenture employees, where they can experience emerging technologies first-hand and adopt an experimental culture. With this, they can build, test and deliver software with speed and agility. Combined with Accenture?s structured mentorships, this becomes an invaluable part of their career and learning journey at Accenture,? Tierro said.



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