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Pinoys get first crack on online game ?Durango? via beta-test

By Edd K. Usman

Filipinos are among the handful of players that have been given access to the beta-test of the new online game “Durango: Wild Lands.”

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Its proponents, Nexon Corporation and What! Studio, have offered “a technical closed beta” to players from the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Players from the three Asean countries can play the game for at least four weeks.

A closed beta is developers’ way of releasing through invitation versions of their apps (games or software) to a restricted number of people for them to test.

To avail themselves of the chance, players only have to follow three steps: download the game from Google Play Store for Android, create an account, and sign in.

“The technical closed beta provides players a first look at Durango: Wild Lands’ persistent and evolving open-world experience, emphasized through real-time synchronized game play and procedurally generated world building system,” a publicist for the game said in an email.

The developers said the game was designed to occur “in a fascinating alternate universe where massive dinosaurs and modern humans live side-by-side to survive the perils of the dangerous world.”

?Durango: Wild Lands? is described as “the open-world sandbox massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).”

The pioneers — modern men and women from present time transported into the land and time of dinosaurs — will set off on a journey that will impact the world as they discover new islands and distant lands with friends and other players.

Depending on their tenacity and creativity, they “will survive, explore, build, team-up, and compete through the wilds of this open world for valuable new discoveries and control over a massive map. In these uncharted lands, players can band together to survive carnivorous dinosaurs or tame them as companions,” he explained.

The game was nominated for Electronic Entertainment Expo’s (E3) Best Mobile/Handheld for the 2017 Game Critic Awards during the E3 event on June 13-15 in Los Angeles.


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