Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Transcend adds DrivePro Body 30 to security camera portfolio

Taiwanese manufacturer of memory products Transcend has introduced the DrivePro Body 30 body camera, which is specifically designed for public safety professionals.


The DrivePro Body 30 features a high quality, all-glass lens with a large aperture and a wide field of view. The camera?s Sony high-sensitivity imaging sensor with wide dynamic range ensures critical details are captured even in poor lighting conditions.

The DrivePro Body 30 is equipped with infrared LEDs that automatically switch on when it detect low-light conditions, allowing images to be captured even in total darkness.

Also, the camera?s six-axis MEMS sensor provides electronic image stabilization to reduce the effects of camera movement, greatly enhancing video quality.

Transcend?s DrivePro Body 30 boasts a pre-event buffering mode, which captures up to two minutes of video evidence before an event occurs. The 12-hour high capacity battery enables law enforcement and other professionals to continuously record high definition video for the full duration of their shift. The quick snapshot button is useful for capturing still images while recording video, streamlining the collection of evidence during an incident.

The DrivePro Body 30 has IP67 rated environmental sealing for dust and water resistance.

Users can adjust camera settings and control the DrivePro Body 30 via Bluetooth, and live-stream videos to an Apple iOS or Android device via Wi-Fi. In addition, users can also adjust camera settings and access recorded footage and snapshots with an Apple iOS or Android device with the DrivePro Body app, a free download designed exclusively for DrivePro Body devices.

Files may also be shared to an external storage device via the USB 3.0 port.


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