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Mobile app finds vacant spaces for merchants, then connects them to buyers

By Rizal Raoul Reyes

Altus Digital Capital (ADC), a local tech investment firm, launched on August 8 a new lifestyle mobile app called GoSPCE, in response to the growing demand of retailers and young shoppers, especially millennials, who are using the mobile platform for their shopping needs.

Photo shows top ADC executives answering questions from the media during the launch of the app
Photo shows top ADC executives answering questions from the media during the launch of the app

?We designed our website and mobile application to be user-friendly that guests can easily find the space that will suit their needs in terms of location, capacity, amenities, budget, and more,? the ADC said in the press statement.

The company said GoSPCE has been developed to enable the hosts connect more effectively with their customers. As much as GoSPCE is guest-friendly, ADC said it is also host-friendly.

?We let the host design and shape their space so they can showcase what their brand is all about into the market,? ADC pointed out.

ADC said connecting the hosts and guests is simple and being done through its Web and mobile applications. ?We make the most exciting and functional spaces available for the guests while helping the hosts earn money from it,? the company said.

Through GoSPCE, ADC locates the most convenient places for work and play spaces and earning money from unused spaces. The company said GoSPCE offers tools to make searching and booking easy for the guests while the hosts enjoy flexibility on how they want their space displayed on the GoSPCE app.

The company said interested applicants can apply as hosts through the website. Anyone with an existing space that can accommodate work and play activities can become a GoSPCE host. The operations team validates all the applicants.

As an end-to-end platform, AOC said GoSPCE helps in searching, finding, and booking the space. It also delivers relevant search criteria that guests can filter to find the exact space they are looking for.

?GoSPCE only shows the relevant search results to these searches, and the guests can reserve and practically book them on the spot,? the company said.

ADC said the GoSPCE platform develops a marketing campaign for each company. perform the most effective marketing techniques for each company. ?The goal of all these marketing efforts is to put these spaces in front of as much people as possible and significantly increase the chances of them getting booked? ADC said.

?Its always someone’s birthday somewhere, there’s always a team looking for a team building venue, and there’s always someone looking for a space he can be productive in,? it added.


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