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Lenovo’s ThinkSystem server portfolio sets 42 benchmark records

Chinese computer firm Lenovo announced 42 world-record benchmarks for the company’s ThinkSystem server portfolio. It is integrated with Intel Xeon scalable processors.

Lenovo data center

The ThinkSystem portfolio of solutions is engineered to help customers reduce complexity of their most challenging workloads.

“Data is growing exponentially, driven by aggressive digital adoption initiatives across all industries. Amidst this digital age, we see massive growth opportunities for the data center market in the Philippines,” said Abraham Lim, country manager for data center group at Lenovo Philippines.

“Staying ahead is a major challenge for many industry players, and Lenovo is here to help them ride the wave of digital transformation.”

The new ThinkSystem portfolio can adapt to changing IT needs while reducing complexity and cost. Its latest server portfolio includes 14 highly configurable servers across rack and tower, mission critical, dense and blade platforms, as well as new hyperscale system designs.

Lenovo engineered the ThinkSystem portfolio to work with an organization’s previous program without the need to reformat the data center, in addition to their seven new solutions for cloud, big data, analytics, database, and two new Intel solutions are supported on the new ThinkSystem servers.

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Lenovo is the first to break the $100 USD/transaction per second as per E benchmark (tpsE) price barrier on TPC-E, a benchmark that uses a database to model a brokerage firm with customers who generate online transaction processing (OLTP) transactions related to trades, account inquiries, and market research.

Lenovo achieved the highest TPC-E performance for any 2-socket system with 6,598.36 tpsE, proving how customers can reduce their overall cost while sustaining the performance for customer transactions.

The TPC Benchmark H (TPC-H), a tool to illustrates decision support systems that examine large volumes of data, released Lenovo’s score at 1,336,109.6 QphH (queries per hour H) at $0.92 USD/QphH at 10,000GB, which marks the benchmark’s highest-scoring result ever.

Lenovo also delivered 26 world-record benchmarks in STAC-M3, a benchmark that measures challenging workloads in time-series analytics, with the ThinkSystem SR950 scoring nine of the 15 required, and two of the optional STAC-M3 Shasta benchmarks.

In Antuco benchmark suite, the ThinkSystem SR650 beat 15 of 17 mean response-time benchmarks. Compared to previous publicly reporter results for single-node 2 socket serviers running the Kx Systems kdb+ database, the STAC-M3 benchmark reports the SR950 and SR650 that this sets the world record.

“Today’s announcement reconfirms Lenovo’s commitment to disrupting the legacy status quo and providing unprecedented investment protection for customers,” Han Chon, general manager for data center group Lenovo Asean.

“Lenovo’s 42 new world breaking benchmarks for our new ThinkSystem servers utilizes the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors, combined with third parties rating Lenovo as the #1 x86 server system reliability and customer satisfaction.”

Lenovo also announced the Intel Select Solutions based on the Intel Xeon scalable processors.


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