Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Microsoft 365, an all-in solution for businesses, debuts in PH

By Edd K. Usman

Software titan Microsoft has unveiled in the Philippines its new and all-in product dubbed Microsoft 365, which offers integrated and complete solution for both large and small businesses.

Microsoft Philippines chief operating officer Cian O'Neill
Microsoft Philippines chief operating officer Cian O’Neill

The new offering comes in two variants: the Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Business.

Cian O’Neill, chief operating officer of Microsoft Philippines, led the product’s unveiling during a press launch in Makati City on Sept. 29.

He said the new offering “brings the best of Office 365, Windows, and security software.”

The Microsoft executive explained that customers can expect a better product than previous ones. “Why is that different? Well, in the past when we were talking to customers, there were three different product sets. Now, we bring them into one simple set,” he emphasized.

He explained the three products’ aggregation in one set. “We did it because we are seeing a huge difference and huge change in workforces. Whether you are a small business, a large enterprise, or a government, what people want is that they want to create, they want to be creative. They want to be able to work in diverse teams of many people.”

In organizations, he said, most people now they work across 10 teams, 10 projects, 10 programs. These people want security but in a simplified manner. “That is why Microsoft 365 brings everything together,” he emphasized.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela in a video message said the new product has a built-in artificial intelligence (AI).

“We have decided that the time has come for us as a company, as an ecosystem, to talk about in the terms that the customers can get the most value. We want to bring this product together as an integrated solution, a complete solution that has got AI built in.

“It’s intelligent, whether it is intelligence that is helping end-users to be more productive and creative and teamwork. Or, intelligent in security, it’s that complete solution for intelligent teamwork and security that we want to bring about with Microsoft 365,” he said.


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