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Cloud vendor warns of ?lethal? DDoS attacks this 2017

A tough road is expected for businesses that rely on digital technology this year as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks continue to evolve, according to a report cited by cloud vendor IPC.

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The worldwide study conducted by IPC?s DDoS Mitigation partner Nexusguard revealed a 380% increase in frequency of attacks in the first quarter of 2017.

?More than 16,600 attacks were recorded during the first quarter, with notable ones being an enormous 275Gbps attack that took place during Valentine?s Day and a lengthy attack spanning 4,060 minutes which occurred during the Chinese New Year,? said Juniman Kasman, chief technology officer of Nexusguard.

Additionally, the study showed that the percentage of days with large attacks also grew substantially.

?The percentage of days with sizeable attacks (larger than 10Gbps) grew considerably between January (48.39%) and March (64.29%),? added Kasman.

For Dave De Leon, IPC?s chief operating officer, the rising complexity of DDoS attacks can adversely affect companies who utilize digital means for business.

?Online businesses have much to lose from going offline due to DDoS attacks. The ecommerce industry is a very vulnerable sector because operations rely heavily on the Internet. One successful attack can lead to huge financial losses. If you factor in the risk of losing customers, then we might be talking about millions,? he said.

During a DDoS attack, cybercriminals flood a website with traffic coming from numerous requests in order to overwhelm its server.

Due to the staggering amount of incoming traffic, the server is unable to support it and eventually crashes. Its main objective is to prevent users ? both customers and the staff of the company ? from accessing the site. To put it plainly, DDoS attacks knock perfectly healthy websites offline by overwhelming them.

The threat of evolving DDoS attacks is at a pivotal moment where the practice of online shopping is growing at an exponential rate, as revealed in an eMarketer study that forecasts a global e-commerce market amounting to $2.290 trillion this year.

IPC, which claims to be the only DDoS mitigation service provider in the country with a local attack scrubbing facility, said this growth will further attract criminals to launch more attacks.

?An inaccessible website is possibly the worst scenario any e-commerce company could experience. Aside from not being able to conduct business, their reputation is also at stake since an ongoing attack can disrupt the shopping experience of customers. If not remedied, irate customers will eventually choose other sites.? said De Leon.

?As a solution, we urge online sellers to find a DDoS mitigation provider that can fend off large-scale attacks and assure them of a stable connection amidst these online disasters.?


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