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Metro traffic fueling growth of co-working space facilities

By Rizal Raoul Reyes

Co-working space provider Acceler8 sees an opportunity to help offices cope with the daily burgeoning traffic situation in Metro Manila.

Acceler8 co founders Carlo Coronel and Mikko Barranda
Acceler8 co founders Carlo Coronel and Mikko Barranda

Mikko Barranda, co-founder of Acceler8 told Newsbytes.PH on Oct. 19 that companies have realized that business operations have to continue despite the horrific traffic situation in the metropolis.

?By putting up a satellite office in a certain part of the city, they can continue their operations in a new setup,? Barranda said in an interview during its second anniversary.

He said their Manila-based clients have realized the importance of putting up a satellite office as staff members have difficult time going to Manila and Makati for meetings. He said this situation has led companies to open a satellite office in Makati.

He also said millennials will continue to be part of their clientele as this group is quite active in putting up startups. He said Acceler8 is a perfect for startups as it enables freelancers and entrepreneurs to acquire a professional image and a legitimate business address.

Carlo Coronel, one of the co-founders, said Acceler8 will continue to find ways to expand its footprint in the co-working market.

Aside from establishing co-working facilities, he said Acceler8 has also ventured into managing co-working spaces of other companies. Currently, Acceler8 is managing Ayala Land?s ?Clock In? co-working facility located in the former Makati Exchange Building along Ayala Avenue.

Furthermore, Coronel said Accelery8 has been dealing with the competition by attracting traditional and non-traditional businesses to work in a new office setup. ?We?ve been hitting the sweet spot by bringing business together to connect them with each other towards their growth,? he pointed out.

Recently, Acceler8 announced it has formed a partnership with V Office that will enable the locators to expand their businesses outside the country.

?We believe that with our partnership with V Office, we can serve our clients better by not only giving them the opportunity to work in our offices in Southeast Asia but also empower our clients to grow and do business regionally. We can connect them with the right stakeholders, partners, and mentors should they intend to expand their business outside the Philippines,? Barranda said.

Barranda said Acceler8 has partners in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore, and Melbourne in Australia that can provide co-working spaces to Acceler8 members when they are on a business trip to these cities.


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