Friday, June 21, 2024

PH business will embrace virtual reality to drive sales, boost growth: experts

By Rizal Raoul Reyes

The local business sector will embrace virtual reality (VR), unlocking its potentials to drive sales, enhance operations, and boost growth, experts said.

Paolo Mercado (right): Business will always look for the cutting-edge technology to help them drive their growth and operations.
Nestle’s Paolo Mercado (right) and G5 chief executive George Royeca

Although VR has yet to gain mainstream adoption locally, its current usage can be classified into different stages, G5 chief executive officer George Royeca said in recent interview at the sidelines of the recently Digital Conference DX 2017 held at the Philippine International Convention Center.

These range from the casual users all the way to the hardcore.?Nevertheless, he expects that the country will see a lot more implementations of VR in telling a story.

?Whether its an advertising angle or education angle or industrial angle you know, there?s gonna be a lot more stuff that?s happening,? he said.

For his part, Paolo Mercado, senior vice president and director of communication and marketing services of Nestle, said the business sector will always look for the cutting-edge technology to help them drive their growth and operations. Being pragmatic people, he said businessmen will wait if the technology becomes very useful before using it.

He cited the real estate industry where only few players are using it to promote their products.??That one thing they?re trying to do, which is actually more expensive, is they?re trying to do these animated walk-throughs where they recreate the whole apartment in animation then they have a walk-through,? he said.

Royeca said developing content will still be an important part of VR.?In the production process, he said it will need directors, production people, and other skilled personnel who can develop good content around this new technology.

?It?s really not that easy especially for example in a room, a hotel room, lighting conditions matter. You don?t need to see the space properly, you need to be able to compose the shot smack in the middle to its view properly where the coffee is, where the bedroom is and give you that awe factor and feeling.

He said the Philippines has a great potential in VR production and it needs a lot of people who are involved in this space to be able to do things that are commercial grade.


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