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?Stormtroopers?, interactive humanoid robots set to enter PH market

By Espie Angelica A. de Leon

Interactive humanoid robots with family-friendly technology are set to make their entry into Filipino homes and schools as China?s UBTech Robotics unveiled its latest innovations at a media launch in Makati City on Nov. 24.

The robots are the Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper, Apha1 Pro, and Jimu Robots.

The Alpha1 Pro robot with the Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper (middle) and the STEM-friendly Jimu robots
The Alpha1 Pro robot with the Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper (middle) and the STEM-friendly Jimu robots

The first of its kind released in the country, the Stormtrooper robot is equipped with ?First and Third Person Augmented Reality App Modes? for an immersive interactive app play, voice command, facial recognition, and sentry patrolling capabilities.

It is also programmable, has Infrared sensors for detecting nearby objects, camera functions, and LED light.

Pre-ordering began on Nov. 15. Priced at P24,999.00, the robots will be available in the Philippine market on December 15.

Meanwhile, the Alpha1 Pro is also a programmable robot ideal for both education and family entertainment.
It is packed with 16 high-precision robotic servo motors, making it possible to reproduce all human movements, from pushups to kung-fu moves.

The Alpha1 Pro robots
The Alpha1 Pro robots

The Alpha1 Pro can also be quickly connected to its mobile app using Bluetooth 4.0. Available on both iOS and Android, Alpha 1 by UBTech Robotics app enables the user to control up to five robots at a time and engage them in different activities ? from dancing and singing to playing sports or even teaching the robot to tell stories to children.

Additionally, a community platform in the app provides free access to online actions edited by UBTech or by other users around the world.

Its PRP (Pose, Record, and Playback) function saves every new movement by the robot after which the user may edit the speed of the action.

The Alpha Robot software also lets the user personalize his own movements by selecting the robotic servo, the rotation angle, and the speed of the movement, adding music or a voice clip and then transferring the user?s creation to the robot using a USB.

The Alpha1 Pro is priced at P29,999 as part of a Christmas promo from November 30-December 31, 2017.

STEM-friendly Jimu robots
STEM-friendly Jimu robots

Meanwhile, the Jimu Robot kits are assembly robots in a box which let kids build, program, and share their own robots through an online global community.

These are the Astrobot Kit, BuzzBot and MuttBot Kit, and Tankbot Kit. Each kit consists of a main control box, lithium ion battery and adapter, interchangeable parts, robotic servo motors, and Jimu App. Designed with the STEM curriculum in mind, the system trains children in the basics of coding.

?The curriculum for coding is already in the schools. Some of them have adopted, some have not. These are where the opportunities are,? said Michael Bangayan, president of Banbros Commercial, exclusive distributor of UBTech products in the Philippines.

Specifically, these assembly robots teach kids computational thinking; logical, lateral and spatial thinking; problem solving and planning; creative and critical thinking; 3D hands-on engineering; team building and cooperation; and trial and error experimentation.


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