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Google PH debuts Files Go app for increasing storage space

By Espie Angelica A. de Leon

Internet giant Google has introduced a new app dubbed ?Files Go?, which enables a user to free up space, find files faster, and share these files more easily while being light on data.

Google product manager Brian Hendricks explains to the media what Files Go app is all about
Google product manager Brian Hendricks explains to the media what Files Go app is all about

Members of the press were given a sneak peek into the app and its multiple features at Google Philippines headquarters in Taguig City on Nov. 29.

Taking up only about 6MB of space, Files Go works on Android 5.0 smartphones and higher and is available globally on Google Play Store in 80 languages.

The app helps free up space by providing the user with suggestions on which files to delete using Google?s latest Mobile Vision technology. The files which may be deleted could be an unused app, a low-resolution video, duplicate file, large file, or a meme.

?We?ve been beta testing it the last couple of weeks around the world. On average, each user has freed up about 1GB of space,? said Google product manager Brian Hendricks.

One million individuals served as beta testers for the app.

Hendricks added that users are really concerned about how much space is available in their devices. Low storage impacts user experience, he said, and this includes smartphones slowing down, users going over lots of files to delete items which takes time, sometimes even resulting in accidental deletions.

Another feature of Files Go are its smart filters which automatically organize images, videos, apps, documents, and others into categories. This helps prevent the user from swimming through endless files in multiple folders in his smartphone just to find a specific item. With his files neatly organized by Files Go, searching becomes faster and easier.

The app likewise allows the user to keep a file permanently by backing it up to Google Drive or any other cloud storage app.

In addition, it allows direct file transfers from one smartphone to another nearby phone for free. These file transfers are encrypted, run up to 125 Mbps, secure, and do not use any data.

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There are presently more than 60 million Filipinos going online with smartphone user growth for 2017 expected to climb by 16% in the country.

?That means that there are many more Filipinos who are coming online for the first time through their mobile devices,? said Google Philippines country manager Ken Lingan.

?This opens up many opportunities. We will continue to build products and platforms to help them make the most out of them.?


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