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Schneider Electric showcases IoT platform for smarter power distribution

By Espie Angelica A. de Leon

The local office of French power management firm Schneider Electric showcased its IoT-enabled architecture, dubbed ?EcoStruxure Power?, during the Philippines Innovation Summit to illustrate how it provides real-time monitoring of energy consumption and critical information to help solve problems in the workplace in a faster and more cost-efficient manner.

A Schneider Electric Philippines representative demonstrates how the Smart Panel works and how data gathered by connected devices inside the panel can be accessed through a smartphone
A Schneider Electric Philippines representative demonstrates how the Smart Panel works and how data gathered by connected devices inside the panel can be accessed through a smartphone

Held on December 5 at Shangri-la at The Fort in Bonifacio Global City, the Philippines Innovation Summit highlighted EcoStruxures various platforms which deliver power that is safer, more reliable, and efficient to commercial and residential buildings, data centers, industries, and infrastructures.

According to Schneider Electric Philippines partner project sales director Michael Victor Sapitan, ?we have information at our fingertips at the speed of touch? via our smartphones or laptops in this age of digitization.

Thus, one does not have to be onsite to solve problems such as equipment breakdowns which take time to repair, cost money, and lead to loss of productivity.

Instead, the architecture makes it possible for a user to be aware of the problem, know what caused it, and provide a solution which he can communicate to his staff through his gadget wherever he is.

Such scenario therefore prevents any problem from disrupting the users activity especially when he is relaxing or bonding with family and friends while the equipment breakdown occurs.

EcoStruxure?s three layers make this possible, namely Connected Products, Edge Control, and Apps, Analytics, Services.

?IoT starts with best products that can be connected, eventually to provide accurate information,? explained head of energy business Homer Martin Ilagan.

Edge Control provides customers with full visibility, monitoring, and control of the entire electrical distribution network and electrical parameters including power quality disturbances.

Meanwhile, Apps, Analytics, Services have algorithms which provide intelligent recommendations to help users become more energy efficient.

The gateway to EcoStruxure is Smart Panel, the first step to energy management. It is an electrical distribution panel that is scalable, ready to plug into the system, and saves up to 30 percent of a facilitys energy consumption.

Inside the panel, all the components like circuit breakers, cables, and wiring devices are connected not just electrically but information wise. Data or information is being sent back and forth among these connected products. According to Sapitan, they capture critical data at any level, from sensor to cloud.

?At the speed of touch, when you operate a smartphone regardless of where you are, you will have access to all of this information. Because Smart Panels is connected, it gathers the information, it gives you the analysis of the information that it has, it also gives you recommendations of what it is that you have to do to fix the problem,? Sapitan elaborated.

In contrast, a building owner who does not have the transparency of what is happening to his property, will not have real-time information such as what is happening inside an elevator or why it suddenly became hot. This will lead to unnecessary repairs, downtime, loss of productivity and money. If he is outside the office, he also has to rush back to the site to check on the situation, thus disrupting his activity for the day.


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