Monday, April 22, 2024

Hong Kong amusement park lodges Samsung Gear VR to rollercoaster ride

Hong Kong amusement ground Ocean Park has installed the country’s first ever virtual reality (VR) roller coaster presented by Samsung Gear VR.

Ocean Park Hong Kong VR roller coaster

The park’s iconic ride Mine Train will offers guests a brand new VR experience that syncs virtual movement to real motion. After putting on special VR headsets with attached Samsung Galaxy smartphones on the Mine Train, guests will begin their realistic journey in the Amazon rainforest and come face to face with amazing animals living in its rich biodiversity while experiencing the ride’s highest speed at 71 kilometers per hour.

Mine Train presented by Samsung Gear VR

Equipped with a 101-degree field of view, the Gear VR allows guests to enjoy the 360-degree video in first person view.

Leo Kung, chairman of Ocean Park, said, ?In the past four decades, Ocean Park has always tried to stay ahead in the market by embracing inventiveness to enhance our guests? experience. We never cease to amuse our guests with innovation and creativity, which has been the cornerstone of our success. This time, we are partnering with Samsung Electronics to introduce the hottest virtual reality technology to our popular Mine Train, transforming the ride into Hong Kong?s first ever virtual reality rollercoaster ride and boosting its excitement level to new heights.?

In addition to the VR rollercoaster, more VR experiences will be offered during the Christmas season in two VR game zones. Guests can enter a life-like shootout with friends at the VR Arcade?or challenge their speed riding hyper-speed bike.

Thrill Mountain also houses a seasonal VR cinema where visitors can immerse themselves beneath the rainforest canopy in a 360-degree view.


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